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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: NCI Small Grants Program for Cancer Research (NCI Omnibus R03)
Total Grants: 22   Total Dollars: $3,404,192

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Chen, Lin University of Chicago Multivariate functional analysis of the genetic basis of cancer 1R03CA174984-01
Colabianchi, Natalie University of Michigan Impact of public housing assistance on modifiable cancer risk factors in adults 1R03CA184478-01
Flocke, Susan A Case Western Reserve University Testing the association of 5A smoking advice patterns with novel patient outcomes 1R03CA176132-01A1
Kong, Nan Purdue University West Lafayette Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Age-and Gender-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening 1R03CA175889-01
Kue, Jennifer Ohio State University Southeast Asian Women's Health Project 1R03CA175464-01A1
Lee, David J University of Miami School of Medicine Analysis of Linked NHIS Registry Data 1R03CA186936-01
Lewis, Frances Marcus University of Washington The Enhancing Connection Telephone Study: A cancer parenting education program 1R03CA178488-01
Luo, Xianghua University of Minnesota Statistical Methods for Analyzing Data of Recurrent Infections after Hematopoieti 1R03CA187991-01
Mazzola, Emanuele Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Risk assessment in atypical breast hyperplasia 1R03CA188140-01
O'Neill, Suzanne C Georgetown University Young Women From BRCA1/2 Families: A Family History And A Future 1R03CA178763-01A1
Pekmezi, Dorothy W University of Alabama at Birmingham IVR-Supported Interventions for Cancer Prevention in the Deep South 1R03CA177538-01A1
Peppone, Luke Joseph University of Rochester Feasibility of Omega-3 Supplementation for Cancer-related Fatigue 1R03CA175599-01A1
Radecki Breitkopf, Carmen Mayo Clinic Rochester Trial Participation Decision Making in Ovarian Cancer Patients and Their Families 1R03CA175462-01A1
Rajan, Suja S University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Effectiveness of Pegfilgrastim Vs. Filgrastim in Elderly Breast Cancer Patients 1R03CA181977-01
Rees, Judith R Dartmouth College Participant beliefs and bias in a randomized controlled trial 1R03CA178272-01
Rossi, Joseph S University of Rhode Island Analyzing Mechanisms of Cancer Risk Behavior Changes Over Time 1R03CA184446-01
Salsman, John Northwestern University at Chicago Meta-Analysis of Positive Psychology Interventions for Cancer (MAPPIC) 1R03CA184560-01
Sherman, Simon University of Nebraska Medical Center Multi-Center Thyroid Tumor and Cancer Registry 1R03CA175668-01A1
Villanti, Andrea American Legacy Foundation Examining Social Influences on Young Adult Smoking and Cessation Trajectories 1R03CA187756-01
Waters, Erika A. Washington University Dont Know Responses to Perceived Risk Items: Implication for Health Behavior 1R03CA177775-01A1
Weaver, Kathryn Elizabeth Wake Forest University Health Sciences End of Treatment Transition to Follow-Up Care among Early Stage Lung Cancer Survi 1R03CA179019-01A1
Ye, Fei Vanderbilt University Development and Evaluation of Prediction Models for Breast Cancer Prognosis 1R03CA178680-01A1
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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