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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (Parent R13/U13)
Total Grants: 24   Total Dollars: $750,578

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Bartolomei, Marisa S. Gordon Research Conferences 2011 Epigenetics Gordon Research Conference 1R13CA162220-01
Burch, James University of South Carolina at Columbia International Society for Environmental Epidemiology 24th Annual Conference 1R13ES021701-01
Collins, Linda M Society For Prevention Research, Inc. Society for Prevention Research Annual Meetings, 2011-2015 1R13CA150782-01A1
Cozen, Wendy University Of Southern California Beyond GWAS: the next 10 years of InterLymph 1R13CA159842-01
Dietrich, Allen J. North American Primary Care Res Group Cancer and Primary Care: Informing the evidence base through international compar 1R13CA159830-01
Elkin, Elena B Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res Medical Decision Making in Cancer 1R13CA171685-01
Gorman-Smith, Deborah Society for Prevention Research, Inc. Society for Prevention Research Annual Meetings, 2012-2016 1R13DA033149-01A1
Harrington, Nancy Grant University of Kentucky Advancing Health Communication Research through the KCHC-DCHC Conference Series 1R13CA168316-01
Herring, Amy H Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Workshop for Junior Biostatisticians in Health Research 2R13CA138138-04
Johnson, Timothy Patrick University Of Illinois At Chicago 10th Conference on Health Survey Research Methods 1R13CA156961-01
Kass, Robert E Carnegie-Mellon University Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics and Machine Learning 1R13CA144626-01A1
Kohler, Betsy A North American Assn/Central Cancer Reg Support of the NAACCR Annual Scientific Conference 1R13CA156958-01A1
Lin, Xihong Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Conferences on Emerging Statistical Issues in Biomedical Research 2R13CA124365-06
Metayer, Catherine University of California Berkeley 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Childhood Leukemia Consortium 1R13ES022868-01
Newton, Katherine M. Group Health Cooperative HMORN 2012 NIH Conference Grant 1R13CA165520-01
O'Neill, Marie Sylvia University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 23rd Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidem 1R13ES020657-01
Odedina, Folakemi T University of Florida The 2nd Biennial Science of Global Prostate Cancer Disparities in Black Men of Af 1R13CA171754-01
Page, Gayle Giboney Johns Hopkins University PNI Mechanisms of Disease: From Pathophysiology to Prevention and Treatment 1R13CA159754-01
Page, Gayle Giboney Johns Hopkins University Brain, Behavior and Immunity in Health and Disease 1R13CA168344-01
Patierno, Steven R George Washington University Cancer Survivorship Research Symposium 1R13CA159823-01
Robertson, Andrew D Keystone Symposia Environmental Epigenomics and Disease Susceptibility 1R13ES020113-01
Robien, Kimberly Z University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Bridging the Transition to Life After Cancer Treatment 1R13CA150299-01A1
Satagopan, Jaya M Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Res Advances in Statistical Methods for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology 1R13CA168331-01A1
Sousa, Karen H International Society/Quality/Life Res Pushing the Boundaries: Frontiers of HRQOL Research 1R13CA162880-01
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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