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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Exploratory Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control (R21)
Total Grants: 56   Total Dollars: $20,881,776

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Adams-Campbell, Lucile L Georgetown University Exergaming Intervention and Breast Cancer Biomarkers in Black Women 1R21CA165067-01A1
Andersen, Barbara L. Ohio State University Psychosexual Intervention for Gynecologic Cancer Patients 1R21CA149675-01A1
Armstrong, Gregory St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital Long-term Treatment Related CNS Injury in Survivors of Childhood Cancer 1R21CA138988-01A2
Ayers, John W San Diego State University Tobacco Trends: a Real-Time Sentinel for Tobacco Control Evaluations 1R21CA173299-01
Brewster, Abenaa M University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr A Decision Making Framework for Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy 1R21CA149803-01A1
Brunette, Mary Frances Dartmouth College Decision support for smoking cessation in young adults with severe mental illness 1R21CA158863-01A1
Cartmel, Brenda None Yale University Epidemiology and Genetics of Tanning Addiction 1R21CA155952-01
Christiansen, Bruce Arthur University Of Wisconsin Madison Tobacco Interventions Delivered by Community Agencies to those Living in Poverty 1R21CA149522-01A1
Dave, Dhaval M National Bureau of Economic Research Impact of 100% Smoke-Free Laws on the Health of Children and Infants 1R21CA167578-01
Delnevo, Cristine D Univ Of Med/Dent Nj-Sch Of Public Health Understanding the growth in moist snuff: a mixed methods study 1R21CA159160-01A1
Diefenbach, Michael A Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Brief Intervention to Improve QOL & Couple Functioning after Prostate Surgery 1R21CA155963-01A1
Duffy, Sonia A University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor A Randomized Control Trial of Tobacco Tactics for Operating Engineers 1R21CA152247-01A1
Evanoff, Bradley Washington University Testing the Effectiveness of Targeted Smoking Cessation Messages in Construction 1R21CA161169-01
Ferguson, Robert J Eastern Maine Medical Center Videoconference CBT for Rural Breast Cancer Survivors with Cognitive Complaints 1R21CA143619-01A1
Fontham, Elizabeth H. Louisiana State Univ Hsc New Orleans Feasibility Of Community Based Tampon Self-Sampling To Prevent Cervical Cancer 1R21CA157263-01A1
Ford, Marvella Elizabeth Medical University Of South Carolina Optimizing Survivorship and Surveillance after Treatment for Colorectal Cancer 1R21CA152865-01A1
Friedman, Debra L Vanderbilt University Telephone Counseling - Caregivers for Children with Cancer 1R21CA141313-01A2
Fuemmeler, Bernard F. Duke University FitFab 4 Survivors 1R21CA155965-01A1
Geiger, Ann M. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Survivorship Care Planning and Communication for Rural Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA155932-01A1
Greenlee, Heather A Columbia University Health Sciences Implementing dietary change among Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA152903-01
Greenlee, Heather Columbia University Health Sciences Feasibility of a weight loss intervention among female cancer survivors in SWOG 1R21CA155973-01A1
Harper, Felicity Wayne State University Physician Use of Patient-Reported Daily Diary Data in Decisions about Phase II Tr 1R21CA152347-01A1
Heckman, Carolyn J Fox Chase Cancer Center Biopsychosocial Relationships underlying Indoor Tanning Experience: Project BRITE 1R21CA134819-01A2
Hegel, Mark T Dartmouth College Participation Restrictions in Young-Middle Adult Rural Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA140849-01A1
Hooper, Monica Webb University Of Miami Coral Gables Enhancing tobacco cessation in the black community through DVD technology:PTF 1R21CA152590-01A1
Katz, Mira L Ohio State University Team Activation To Increase HPV Vaccination Rates 1R21CA152803-01A1
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K Ohio State University Fast Food, Depression, Obesity, and Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA154054-01
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K Ohio State University Marital Discord, Fast Food, Obesity, and Inflammation 1R21CA158868-01
Lee, Hee Yun University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Mobile Phone Text Messaging Intervention for Cervical Cancer Screening 1R21CA155531-01
Lepore, Stephen J Temple University A Novel Prosocial Online Support Group for Distressed Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA158877-01A1
Lewis, Jane Univ Of Med/Dent Nj-Sch Of Public Health Investigating the scope of tobacco industry direct mail and its impact on smoking 1R21CA155956-01
Lipkus, Isaac M Duke University Effects of Message Framing on Cessation among Couples where both Partners Smoke 1R21CA165194-01A1
Loukas, Alexandra University Of Texas Austin Feasibility of a Web-based Smoking Cessation Program for Vocational Students 1R21CA149817-01A1
Lu, Amy Shirong Northwestern University The narrative impact of active video games on physical activity 1R21CA158917-01A1
Madden, Kelley S University Of Rochester Stress, Sympathetic Activation and Breast Tumor Growth and Metastasis 1R21CA152777-01
Nasim, Aashir Virginia Commonwealth University Cigarillo smoking: smoke toxicant content and user toxicant exposure and effects 1R21CA161317-01A1
Nelson, Christian J Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Pros 1R21CA149536-01
Nelson, Christian J Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res Decision Making For Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer Patients and Spouses 1R21CA164807-01A1
Pagoto, Sherry L Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Pilot Investigation of Behavioral Alternatives to Indoor Tanning 1R21CA161576-01A1
Park, Crystal L University Of Connecticut Storrs Targeting the Teachable Moment: A Lifestyle Intervention for Breast Cancer Surviv 1R21CA152129-01A1
Patten, Christi A Mayo Clinic Family Cancer Literacy to Promote Mammography Screening among Navajo Women 1R21CA152433-01
Pieters, Huibrie Christelle University of California Los Angeles Decision making on aromatase inhibitors in breast cancer survivors 65 and older 1R21CA167218-01A1
Porter, Laura S Duke University Feasibility of a Couple-based Intervention for Parents of Children with Cancer 1R21CA164817-01A1
Robinson, June K Northwestern University at Chicago Sun protection Internet-based program for kidney transplant recipients 1R21CA173196-01
Rogers, Laura Q Southern Illinois University Sch Of Med Physical activity benefits after breast cancer: exploring cytokine mechanisms 1R21CA135017-01A2
Sadasivam, Rajani Shankar Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Share2Quit: Web-based Peer-driven Referrals for Smoking Cessation 1R21CA158968-01A1
Schmitz, Kathryn H. University Of Pennsylvania Disseminating PAL 1R21CA152451-01A1
Schwartz, Lisa Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Transition Readiness of Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer 1R21CA141332-01A2
Sheppard, Vanessa B Georgetown University Improving Exercise and Diet in African American Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA149996-01
Shuter, Jonathan Albert Einstein Col Of Med Yeshiva Univ A Pilot Study of Positively Smoke Free on the Web (PSFW) for HIV-infected Smokers 1R21CA163100-01
Smith, Katherine Clegg Johns Hopkins University Eating for Life: Dietary Behaviors Among Long Term Cancer Survivors 1R21CA152789-01A1
Stern, Marilyn University of South Florida Targeting Caregivers to Enhance Health Behaviors in Pediatric Cancer Survivors 1R21CA167259-01A1
Waters, Andrew J Henry M. Jackson Fdn for the Adv Mil/Med Attentional Retraining for Tobacco Dependence 1R21CA161393-01A1
Wells, Kristen Jennifer University of South Florida Developing and Piloting a Patient Navigation Program for Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA161077-01A1
Wells, Kristen Jennifer University of South Florida Feasibility of Virtual Agent Cervical Cancer Education for Hispanic Farmworkers 1R21CA167418-01A1
Wittenberg, Eve Harvard University (Sch of Public Hlth) Cervical Cancer Screening in Homeless Women: A Discrete Choice Experiment 1R21CA164712-01A1
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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