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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control (R03)
Total Grants: 51   Total Dollars: $7,551,028

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Aragones, Abraham Suny Downstate Medical Center HPV vaccine practices among Physicians Serving High Risk, Minority Populations 1R03CA144734-01
Barnett, Tracey E University of Florida Developing a Better Assessment of Hookah Use Among Young Adults 1R03CA165766-01A1
Bober, Sharon L. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute The High Cost of Risk Reduction: Addressing Sexual Dysfunction after Oophorectomy 1R03CA153815-01A1
Buchanan, Adam H Duke University Adherence to Cancer Risk Management Among Unaffected BRCA1/2Mutation Carriers 1R03CA157212-01A1
Cadmus-Bertram, Lisa Anne University of California at San Diego Using Technology to Promote Activity in Women at Elevated Breast Cancer Risk 1R03CA168450-01
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Posttraumatic Growth in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA150593-01A1
Dave, Jayna Markand Baylor College Of Medicine Kids Cafe: Impact of a national feeding program on children's dietary behaviors 1R03CA153586-01
Duggan, Catherine Rose Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Exercise Effects on Serum Biomarkers of Angiogenesis 1R03CA152847-01A1
Dunsiger, Shira Ilana Miriam Hospital Statistical Methods for Assessing Patterns of Change in Cancer-Control Behavior 1R03CA153942-01
Fernander, Anita Fay University Of Kentucky The Impact of Smoke-Free Policy on Quitline Utilization and Smoking Outcomes 1R03CA144721-01
Flint, Melanie Sarah University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Identifying underlying mechanisms of intracellular changes in response to caregiv 1R03CA168400-01
Gregg, Jennifer San Jose State University Impact of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Salivary Cortisol in Breast Cancer 1R03CA144751-01
Hamann, Heidi Ann University Of Texas Sw Med Ctr/Dallas Conceptualization and Measurement of Lung Cancer Stigma 1R03CA154016-01
Hocking, Matthew C. Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Neurocognitive and Family Functioning at End of Therapy in Pediatric Brain Tumor 1R03CA162970-01A1
Hudson, Shawna V Univ Of Med/Dent Nj-R W Johnson Med Sch Predictors of Follow-Up Care Seeking Among Breast and Prostate Cancer Survivors 1R03CA154063-01A1
Jennings, Ernestine G Miriam Hospital Postpartum Exercise Intervention for Previously Smoking Mothers 1R03CA162985-01A1
Krebs, Paul New York University School Of Medicine An Interactive E-Health Program to Promote Health Behaviors among Cancer Survivor 1R03CA142042-01A2
Kroenke, Candyce H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Social Networks & Breast Cancer Prognosis in the Chinese and US Evaluation Study 1R03CA171771-01
Lee, Simon J. Craddock Univ of TX Sw Med Ctr-Dallas An Inter-Personal Framework for Lung Cancer Decision-Making in African Americans 1R03CA159706-01A1
Lennes, Inga T. Massachusetts General Hospital Psychological Symptoms and High-Quality Cancer Care in Patients with Lung Cancer 1R03CA154056-01
Loescher, Lois J University Of Arizona A Skin Cancer Prevention Video Intervention for Organ Transplant Recipients 1R03CA144552-01
Mallett, Kimberly A Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Enhancing Patient Communication Among Dermatologists 1R03CA144435-01
Mays, Darren M Georgetown University Framing Messages for Teen Smoking Prevention in Primary Care 1R03CA162839-01A1
Milam, Joel E. University Of Southern California Substance use among adolescent and young adult Hispanic cancer survivors 1R03CA144851-01
Mohamed, Nihal Mount Sinai School of Medicine From Diagnosis to Survivorship: Bladder Cancer Survivors Unmet Needs 1R03CA165768-01A1
Monahan, Patrick Oneal Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Estimating health utilities using QOL data among patients with gyn malignancies 1R03CA168351-01
Nan, Xiaoli University Of Maryland College Pk Campus Message Framing and HPV Vaccination Acceptance among African Americans 1R03CA150570-01A1
Navas-Acien, Ana Johns Hopkins University Race/Ethnicity, Menthol Cigarettes, and Biomarkers of Tobacco Use in the U.S. 1R03CA153959-01
O'Dougherty, Maureen University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Social, Cultural and Contextual Dimensions of Young Women's Physical Activity 1R03CA150580-01
Ramaswamy, Megha University Of Kansas Medical Center Understanding the Cervical Cancer Health Gap for Women in Jail 1R03CA162869-01
Rosenthal, Marsha Rutgers The St Univ Of Nj New Brunswick Cancer Survivors in Assisted Living: Health Beliefs and Behaviors 1R03CA136012-01A2
Salz, Talya Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res A Needs and Preference Assessment for a Colorectal Cancer Survivorship Care Plan 1R03CA144682-01
Schnur, Julie B. Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Developing a Skin Toxicity-Related Quality of Life Scale for Breast Radiotherapy 1R03CA159530-01
Schoenberger, Yu-Mei M University Of Alabama At Birmingham Participatory Design of a Text Message System to Support Community Health Advisor 1R03CA154068-01
Sheffer, Christine Elizabeth University Of Arkansas Med Scis Ltl Rock Treatment modality and socioeconomic status in treating tobacco dependence 1R03CA141995-01A1
Shelton, Rachel Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Serving as a Lay Health Advisor: The Impact on Self and Community 1R03CA150543-01
Shelton, Rachel Columbia University Health Sciences Serving as a Lay Health Advisor: The Impact on Self and Community 7R03CA150543-02
Shiyko, Mariya Petrovna Northeastern University Time-Varying Effects of EMA Predictors on Point-Prevalence Smoking Outcome 1R03CA171809-01
Soulakova, Julia University of Nebraska Lincoln Investigating degree of quality of national data on self- and proxy-reported smok 1R03CA165831-01
Stapleton, Jerod Univ of Med/Dent NJ-R W Johnson Med Sch Social Influences on Indoor Tanning Behavior in Young Women 1R03CA165801-01A1
Sterling, Kymberle L. Georgia State University Developing Measures of Little Cigar Use for Young Adults 1R03CA159909-01A1
Stimpson, Jim P University Of North Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Community Context of Colorectal Cancer Disparities 1R03CA150486-01A1
Stimpson, Jim P University Of Nebraska Medical Center Community Context of Colorectal Cancer Disparities 7R03CA150486-02
Sussner, Katarina M. Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Sociocultural Factors and BRCA Genetic Counseling for Diverse Latinas 1R03CA139905-01A2
Trinidad, Dennis Ryan Claremont Graduate University Smoking Cessation Across Ethnic Groups in the US 1R03CA150559-01A1
Tyson, Dinorah University of South Florida Cultural Adaptation of a Supportive Care Needs Measure for Latino Cancer Survivor 1R03CA168403-01
Ukoli, Flora Aroma Meharry Medical College Prostate Cancer Education and Screening Pilot Program for African-Americans 1R03CA138136-01A1
Unick, Jessica L Miriam Hospital Consistency in Individual Differences in Energy Intake Following Acute Exercise 1R03CA162965-01A1
Weaver, Kathryn Elizabeth Wake Forest University Health Sciences Cancer-Related Follow-Up Care Experiences of Rural Cancer Survivors 1R03CA157211-01A1
Wilson, Jeffrey Scott Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Multilevel Factors Impacting Smoking Relapse in a National Sample 1R03CA171831-01
Zajacova, Anna University Of Wyoming Effect of Cancer on the Survivors' and Their Families' Economic Well-Being 1R03CA149072-01
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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