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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control (R03)
Total Grants: 63   Total Dollars: $9,591,901

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Adams, Swann Arp University Of South Carolina At Columbia A Pilot Investigation of Ethnic Disparities in Patient-Initiated Premature Treatm 1R03CA128470-01
Alagoz, Oguzhan University Of Wisconsin Madison Using the UWBCS to Assess Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Incidence & Surviva 1R03CA130727-01
Alcaraz, Kassandra I. Washington University Using Technology to Connect Rarely and Never Screened Women to Mammography 1R03CA142102-01
Allensworth-Davies, Donald Boston University Medical Campus Assessing Localized Prostate Cancer Post-Treatment Outcomes Among Gay Men 1R03CA136114-01A1
Appelhans, Bradley M. University Of Arizona Neurobehavioral predictors of diet adherence 1R03CA139857-01
Aronson, Keith Robert Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park The Daily Experience of Somatic Anxiety and Worry in Lung Cancer Survivors 1R03CA136054-01A1
Badr, Hoda J Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Of Nyu Self-Determination Theory and Lifestyle Behaviors in Barrett's Esophagus Patients 1R03CA136056-01A1
Bond, Sharon M Medical University Of South Carolina Translating an Efficaious HPV Vaccine into the Control of Cervical Cancer 1R03CA130724-01
Bonner, Melanie J Duke University Deficits in Facial Expression Recognition in Childhood Cancer Survivors 1R03CA128472-01
Branstetter, Steven A. West Virginia University A Multilevel Analysis of Predictors of Successful Teen Smoking Cessation in the N 1R03CA136013-01
Brown, Richard Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Enhancing informed consent in cancer clinical trials;development and evaluation o 1R03CA130598-01
Bylund, Carma Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Doctor-Patient Communication about Cancer Related Internet Information and its Ef 1R03CA130591-01A1
Carter, Cynthia Medical University Of South Carolina The Impact of Dragon Boat Racing on Cancer Survivorship 1R03CA128482-01
Chen, Wendy Y Brigham And Women'S Hospital Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Lifestyle Modification in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA132575-01A1
Cho, Hyunyi Purdue University West Lafayette Effects of Gain vs. Loss Frame Sun Protection Messages on Rural Indiana Adolescen 1R03CA128483-01
Choe, John H University Of Washington Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Enrollment and Retention in Korean Americans 1R03CA130726-01
Ciccolo, Joseph T Miriam Hospital Resistance Training as an Aid to Standard Smoking Cessation Treatment 1R03CA132475-01A1
Clayman, Marla L. Northwestern University Communication needs and decision-making among women with recurrent breast cancer 1R03CA124202-01A1
Coon, David W Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Investigating intervention opportunities for prostate cancer patients and partner 1R03CA128475-01
Donovan, Kristine A H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Urinary Incontinence in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Controlled Comparsion 1R03CA142061-01
Eadie, Tanya L University Of Washington Communicative Participation in Head and Neck Cancer 1R03CA132525-01A1
Eggly, Susan S Wayne State University The Influence of Companions and Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Patients' In 1R03CA130588-01
English, Kevin Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board An Exploration of the Determinants that Impact Breast and Cervical Cancer Control 1R03CA132550-01
Floyd, Tiffany D. City College Of New York Decision-Making about Childhood HPV Vaccination among Low SES Mothers 1R03CA130747-01A1
Gerend, Mary A. Florida State University Using Message Framing to Promote HPV Vaccination 1R03CA138069-01
Hanisch, Laura J. University Of Pennsylvania Hot Flashes and Anxiety Sensitivity Among Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA126421-01A1
Hardy, Kristina K. Duke University TRICCS: Targeting Inattention in Childhood Cancer Survivors 1R03CA132570-01
Hart, Alton Virginia Commonwealth University Exploring Cigarette Dependence among African-American Males in Barbershops. 1R03CA141994-01
Heckman, Carolyn J Fox Chase Cancer Center Investigating Novel Correlates of Indoor Tanning Experiences: Project INCITE 1R03CA136007-01A1
Hunter, Jennifer L University Of Missouri Kansas City Learner Verification of Cervical Cancer Education with Mexican Immigrant Women 1R03CA124211-01A1
Johnson, Constance M Duke University Strategies to help inform colorectal cancer risk magnitudes 1R03CA132562-01
Kaminsky, David A University Of Vermont & St Agric College Spirometry to Motivate Quit-Smoking Attempts: Message Development and Testing 1R03CA126417-01A1
Kapp, Julie M University Of Missouri-Columbia Mammography Utilization among a Cohort of Women under 40, by Race and Ethnicity 1R03CA134196-01
Kelly, Kimberly Michelle Ohio State University The Self Regulation Model in BRCA 1/2 Genetic Counseling 1R03CA128459-01A2
Koroukian, Siran M. Case Western Reserve University Breast Cancer Outcomes in a Doubly Disadvantaged Population: Medicaid Beneficiari 1R03CA134195-01
Koroukian, Siran M. Case Western Reserve University Outcomes of Curable Cancers in Vulnerable Populations 1R03CA136064-01
Lam, Cho Yan University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Using Ecolog. Momentary Assess. To Examine Pain & Smoking In Head & Neck Cancer P 1R03CA139914-01
Lamkin, Donald Michael University Of Iowa Inflammatory Processes and Depression in a Syngeneic Model of Ovarian Cancer 1R03CA132573-01A1
Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe University Of Delaware Studying the Daily Lives of Couples Coping with Breast Cancer 1R03CA136080-01A1
Lim, Jung-Won City Of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Family Communication in Coping with Ethnic Minority Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA139941-01
Loukas, Alexandra University Of Texas Austin Vocational Student Tobacco Use 1R03CA130589-01
Luque, John S H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Cervical Cancer Beliefs in Ethnic Subgroups of Latina Immigrants 1R03CA138123-01
Mahabee-Gittens, E. Melinda Melinda Children'S Hospital Med Ctr (Cincinnati) Exploring the Role of Race/Ethnicity & Family Influences to Reduce Youth Smoking 1R03CA142099-01
Mayer, Deborah K. University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Cancer Survivors' Information Seeking and Lifestyle Behaviors 1R03CA136077-01
Mehl, Matthias R. University Of Arizona The Daily Interactions of Couples Coping With Breast Cancer: With Whom, About Wha 1R03CA137975-01A1
Meraviglia, Martha G University Of Texas Austin Promoting Healthy Behaviors in Low Income Cancer Survivors 1R03CA117539-01A2
Novotny, Thomas E University Of California San Francisco Susceptibility to Smoking Initiation Among Rural and Urban Young Chinese Women 1R03CA130728-01
Palmer, Steven C University Of Pennsylvania Health behaviors in testicular cancer survivors 1R03CA124217-01A1
Park, Elyse R Massachusetts General Hospital A Pilot Smoking Cessation Study for Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer Patients 1R03CA130722-01
Patel, Sunita K City Of Hope/Beckman Research Institute A behavioral trial for parents of childhood cancer survivors with neurobehavioral 1R03CA130731-01A1
Pusic, Andrea Louise Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Evaluating Expectations for Breast Reconstruction 1R03CA128476-01
Rabin, Carolyn Miriam Hospital Web-based Physical Activity Intervention for Young Adult Cancer Survivors 1R03CA134197-01A1
Recklitis, Christopher John Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Enhanced Self-Appraisal After Cancer: A Bias in Survivors' Self-Report? 1R03CA134159-01A2
Rodriguez, Daniel University Of Pennsylvania The effect of antismoking parenting practices on adolescent smoking 1R03CA132549-01A1
Rutherford, Christina Research Inst Nationwide Children'S Hosp Exploration of Social Information Processing in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors 1R03CA138122-01
Satia, Jessie A University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill A web-based tailored health behavior intervention for African American colon canc 1R03CA138118-01
Shapiro, Pamela Fox Chase Cancer Center Psychosocial Predictors of Cancer-Related Cognitive Change 1R03CA128397-01
Simmons, Vani N. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Smoking Relapse Among Lung Cancer and Head and Neck Cancer Patients 1R03CA126409-01A1
Sinicrope, Pamela S Mayo Clinic Coll Of Medicine, Rochester Family Cancer Experience and Colorectal Cancer Prevention 1R03CA142065-01
Sullivan, Amy M Virginia Commonwealth University The impact of gender differences at the end of life 1R03CA130592-01
Unrod, Marina H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Smoking and Cessation Factors in Chronic Pain Patients 1R03CA134203-01
Updegraff, John A Kent State University At Kent Promoting Mamography Usage with an Individualized Approach to Message Framing 1R03CA128468-01
Zeliadt, Steve Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Reassessing the Quality of Life Burden of Prostate Cancer Survivorship 1R03CA128403-01
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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