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Fiscal Year: 2011
State: North Carolina
NCI Division: Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars
Buchanan, Adam H Duke University Adherence to Cancer Risk Management Among Unaffected BRCA1/2Mutation Carriers 1R03CA157212-01A1 $84,838
Costello, Elizabeth J Duke University A Developmental Model of Gene-Environment Interplay in SUDs 5U01DA024413-05 $397,204
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Posttraumatic Growth in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA150593-01A1 $74,000
Davidian, Marie North Carolina State University Raleigh Flexible Statistical Methods for Biomedical Data 2R01CA085848-12 $218,638
Farrelly, Matthew C Research Triangle Institute Coordinating Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Control Research and Practice 1U01CA154241-01 $546,123
Fine, Jason University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Frailty Models and Survival Analysis in Cancer Research 5R01CA094893-07 $155,545
Fuemmeler, Bernard F. Duke University FitFab 4 Survivors 1R21CA155965-01A1 $209,096
Geiger, Ann M. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Survivorship Care Planning and Communication for Rural Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA155932-01A1 $160,950
He, Ka University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Dietary supplement use, physical activity, body mass index, and pancreatic cancer 5R03CA139261-03 $71,754
Hoyo, Cathrine Duke University Disparities in cervical cancer precursors and deregulation of imprinted genes 5R01CA142983-02 $599,501
Hrudka, Brian Biospecimen Procurement Solutions, Inc. Development of a system (devices and protocols) to improve biospecimen preservati 1R21CA155478-01A1 $124,500
Jackson, Christine Research Triangle Institute Linking Cessation & Prevention to Stop Intergenerational Transmission of Smoking 1R01CA148634-01A1 $628,454
Jilcott, Stephanie B East Carolina University Examining the association between obesity and access to farmers markets 1R03CA155362-01A1 $71,736
Jones, Lee W Duke University Randomized Trial of Optimal Type of Aerobic Training in Breast Cancer 5R01CA142566-02 $520,574
Keefe, Francis J. Duke University Pain, Distress and Mammography Use in Breast Cancer Patients 5R01CA131148-03 $454,649
Keku, Temitope O. University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Intestinal Microbiota, Diet and Risk of Colorectal Adenomas 5R01CA136887-03 $297,887
Lin, Danyu University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Statistical Methods in Cancer Research 5R01CA082659-13 $235,917
Lipkus, Isaac M Duke University Young Smoker's Reactions to Genetic Risk for Lung Cancer 5R01CA121922-05 $192,611
Liu, Wennuan Wake Forest University Health Sciences Interaction of germline and somatic changes in PCa progression 4R01CA135008-03 $356,359
Lu, Wenbin North Carolina State University Raleigh Flexible Statistical Methods for Complex Survival Data in Biomedical Studies 5R01CA140632-02 $197,521
Olshan, Andrew University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Genetic Susceptibility Factors in the Etiology of Neuroblastoma 5R01CA132887-04 $555,943
Perou, Charles M University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Conserved Biology of Tumor and Microenvironment in Breast Cancer Progression 5R01CA138255-04 $464,025
Perrin, Andrew Jonathan University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Systematic Observation: A Method for Measuring Health Related Culture & Obesity 1R03CA158553-01 $74,000
Peytchev, Andrey Alexandrov Research Triangle Institute Data Augmentation and Multiple Imputation for Unit Nonresponse 5R21CA140764-02 $69,407
Pollak, Kathryn I Duke University En Pareja: A Latino couples intervention to help expectant fathers quit smoking 5R01CA127307-04 $588,744

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