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Fiscal Year: 2016
NCI Division: Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Research Area: Health Disparities
Grants Awarded to: Domestic Institutions
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Abstract Page URL
Adams, Marc A Arizona State University-Tempe Campus WalkIT: Neighborhood walkability and moderation of adaptive walking interventions 5R01CA198915-02 647183
Adamson, Aaron Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Discovery and Characterization of Mutations in Breast and Ovarian Cancers 1R50CA211280-01 215047
Ahles, Tim Alan Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Cognition In Older Breast Cancer Survivors: Treatment Exposure, APOE, & Smoking 4R01CA172119-04 684278
Anderson, Garnet L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Women's Health Initiative Cancer Survivor Cohort 4UM1CA173642-04 2396733
Antin, Tamar Marie Johnson Pacific Institute for Res and Evaluation LGBT Adults and Tobacco Stigma: A Qualitative Study 5R01CA190238-02 564176
Audrain-Mcgovern, Janet E University of Pennsylvania The impact of e-cigarette use on adolescent uptake and persistence of conventional smoking: Who is most vulnerable? 1R01CA202262-01A1 618799
Badve, Sunil S. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis (PQC3) Ethnicity-determined immune response and DCIS outcome 5R01CA194600-02 684967
Bandera, Elisa V Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Obesity, related comorbidities, and breast cancer outcomes in African Americans 5R01CA185623-03 1317553
Barkin, Shari Vanderbilt University Medical Center Adaptation of A Prevention-Treatment (ADAPT) Program: Reducing Cancer Risk for Families with Young Children 5R21CA197344-03 206190
Bastani, Roshan University of California Los Angeles Increasing HPV Vaccine Uptake in a Low Income Ethnic Minority Population 4R01CA154549-05 148023
Berg, Carla J Emory University Market Research to Predict Emerging Tobacco Product Use in Diverse Young Adults 4R01CA179422-04 484063
Bernstein, Steven L. Yale University Optimizing Tobacco Dependence Treatment in the Emergency Department 1R01CA201873-01A1 654729
Bickell, Nina A Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Insulin Resistance and Breast Cancer Prognosis in Black & White Women 4R01CA171558-05 491333
Blot, William J. Vanderbilt University Medical Center Southern Community Cohort Study 1U01CA202979-01 2617394
Boehmer, Ulrike Boston University Medical Campus Variations in Needs after Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis 5R01CA181392-03 607762
Bondy, Melissa L Baylor College of Medicine Risk Prediction for ER Negative Breast Cancer Recurrence 4R01CA172511-04 614362
Braciszewski, Jordan Michel Henry Ford Health System Promoting Smoking Cessation Among Youth Exiting Foster Care 7R21CA205190-02 191026
Braciszewski, Jordan Michel Pacific Institute for Res and Evaluation Promoting Smoking Cessation Among Youth Exiting Foster Care 1R21CA205190-01 29841
Brandon, Thomas H. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Expanding the Reach of a Validated Smoking-Cessation Intervention: A Spanish-language RCT 1R01CA199143-01A1 569332
Bricker, Jonathan B. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Randomized Trial of an Innovative Smartphone Intervention for Smoking Cessation 5R01CA192849-02 576143
Brinkman, Marielle Cavanaugh Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn Effect of Waterpipe Tobacco Ingredients on Human Puffing, Exposures and Appeal 1R01CA209961-01 523415
Bui, Alex University of California Los Angeles A Predictive Prognostic Model for Glioblastoma Multiforme 4R01CA157553-05 439111
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Likes Pins and Views: Engaging Moms on Teen Indoor Tanning Thru Social Media 5R01CA192652-02 671522
Buring, Julie E. Brigham and Women's Hospital The Women's Health Study: Infrastructure Support for Continued Cohort Follow-up 5UM1CA182913-03 831076
Caan, Bette J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute (PQA2) Exploring the role of sarcopenia in obesity and breast cancer survival 5R01CA184953-03 602462
Cai, Qiuyin Vanderbilt University Medical Center Oral Microbiome and Lung Cancer Risk 1R01CA207466-01 674957
Calhoun, Patrick S. Duke University Mobile contingency management for smoking cessation in returning US Veterans 5R01CA196304-02 538095
Carlson, Jordan A. Children's Mercy Hosp (Kansas City, MO) Automated Ecological Video Identification of Physical Activity (E-VIP) Software 1R21CA194492-01A1 199277
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester The Lymphoma Epidemiology of Outcomes (LEO) Cohort Study 5U01CA195568-02 2251244
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester Genetic Epidemiology of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 1R01CA200703-01A1 686290
Chao, Chun R. Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Follow-up care and preventive service use among survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer. 1R21CA198042-01A1 217666
Chen, Yu New York University School of Medicine Foregut Microbiome and Risk of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia, and Gastric Cancer Risk 1R01CA204113-01 877320
Cho, Hyunyi Ohio State University Media Literacy Intervention for Indoor Tanning Prevention 7R01CA176196-04 320540
Choi, Won S University of Kansas Medical Center Web-based Smoking Cessation Program for Tribal College Students 4R01CA174481-04 568026
Chow, Wong-Ho University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Racial/ethnic disparity in breast cancer: can metabolic profiles play a role? 4U01CA179655-04 332779
Cockburn, Myles G University of Southern California Innovative solutions to spatial uncertainty in geocoding 5R01CA195218-02 377438
Colabianchi, Natalie University of Michigan Improving environmental measures in obesity research using innovative technology 5R21CA188481-02 174704
Colditz, Graham A. Washington University A Multilevel Approach to Energy Balance and Cancer Across the Lifecourse 3U54CA155496-05S1 401250
Collins, Bradley N Temple Univ of the Commonwealth Pediatrician Advice, Family Counseling, & SHS Reduction for Underserved Children 4R01CA158361-05 461189
Compas, Bruce E Vanderbilt University Parent-Child Communication About Cancer 4R01CA118332-09 393884
Conklin, Heather M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Prophylactic Multimodal Cognitive Intervention for Children with Medulloblastoma (Resubmission) 5R01CA187079-02 532965
Cornacchione, Jennifer Jane Wake Forest University Health Sciences Comparing Graphic to Text-Only Warning Labels to Discourage Cigarillo Smoking by Young Adults 1R03CA206487-01A1 116250
Coronado, Gloria D Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Strategies and Opportunities to Stop Colon Cancer in Priority Populations 5UH3CA188640-04 1533836
Cote, Michele L. Wayne State University Molecular Classification of High Grade Endometrial Cancers: Extending TCGA Findings to a Diverse Population 1R01CA200864-01A1 594568
Cowgill, Burton University of California Los Angeles E-cigarette understanding and use among a diverse sample of ethnic minority adolescents 5R03CA198258-02 77000
Cummings, Kenneth Michael Medical University of South Carolina Evaluating How Tobacco Control Policies are Shaping the Nicotine Delivery Market 1P01CA200512-01 3306202
Dale, Anders M University of California San Diego ABCD-USA Consortium: Data Analysis Center 5U24DA041123-02 750000
Daley, Christine Makosky University of Kansas Medical Center Development of a Tobacco Health Literacy Instrument 5R21CA191158-02 176481
Daley, Christine Makosky University of Kansas Medical Center Development of a Telephone-Based Individual Smoking Cessation Program for American Indians 1R21CA203568-01A1 197055
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Work Ability in Young Adult Surviviors (WAYS): A Quantitative Investigation 1R21CA191989-01A1 202275
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences A Stepped-Care Telehealth Approach to Treat Distress in Rural Cancer Survivors 1R21CA198237-01A1 202275
Davey, Maureen P. University of Delaware African American Families Fighting Parental Cancer Together 7R01CA194178-02 594309
Davey, Maureen P. Drexel University African American Families Fighting Parental Cancer Together 1R01CA194178-01A1 1
Davis, Rachel Ellen University of South Carolina at Columbia Addressing acquiescence: Reducing survey error to promote Latino health 4R01CA172283-04 597516
Davis, Stacy N Rbhs-School of Public Health Wired for Colorectal Cancer Screening: An mHealth Intervention 1R03CA198580-01A1 97869
De Roos, Anneclaire J Drexel University Occupational Pesticide Use and Risk of Lymphoid Cancers 5R03CA199515-02 78250
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Harvest for Health in Older Cancer Survivors 1R01CA201362-01A1 570668
Devoe, Jennifer E Oregon Health & Science University Community-based HIT Tools for Cancer Screening and Health Insurance Promotion 5R01CA181452-03 609325
Devoe, Jennifer E Oregon Health & Science University ACCESS: Assessing Community Cancer care after insurance ExpanSionS 1R01CA204267-01 426419
Doherty, Jennifer Anne Dartmouth College Characterizing Molecular Subtypes of Ovarian Cancer in African-American Women 1R01CA200854-01 577159
Dubowitz, Tamara Rand Corporation Impact of Greenspace Improvement on Physical Activity in a Low Income Community 4R01CA164137-05 684409
Eggly, Susan S. Wayne State University A Multilevel Intervention to Increase the Participation of African Americans in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials 1R01CA200718-01 624044
Egleston, Brian L Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Deep learning for representation of codes used for SEER-Medicare claims research 1R21CA202130-01 178072
Elliott, Thomas Edward Healthpartners Institute Implementing Cancer Prevention Using Patient - Provider Clinical Decision Support 1R01CA193396-01A1 647157
Eng, Eugenia Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Accountability for Cancer Care through Undoing Racism and Equity (ACCURE) 4R01CA150980-05 433633
Erwin, Deborah O Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp CRC Screening Thoughts and Feelings: Increasing Engagement of African Americans 4R01CA171935-04 645851
Erwin, Deborah O Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Novel intervention to increase lactation practices by African American Women 1R21CA202263-01A1 238821
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Estimating Overdiagnosis in Cancer Screening Studies 5R01CA192402-02 535700
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Modeling to Improve Prostate Cancer Outcomes Across Diverse Populations 5U01CA199338-02 1066817
Extermann, Martine H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Decision Models to Compare Treatments in Older Patients with AML 4R01CA168677-04 344422
Ferrante, Jeanne M Rbhs-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Virtual Weight Loss Program for African-American Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA191431-02 172913
Flocke, Susan A Case Western Reserve University Measurement of nicotine dependence among adolescent & young adult cigarillo users 5R01CA190130-02 463451
Gerber, David Eric UT Southwestern Medical Center Evaluating prior cancer exclusion policy to increase lung cancer trial accrual 5R03CA191875-02 80959
Gerend, Mary A. Northwestern University at Chicago Using Text Messaging to Increase HPV Vaccination among Young Sexual Minority Men 1R21CA208329-01 172938
Gold, Heather Taffet New York University School of Medicine Treatment and Outcomes in Diabetic Breast Cancer Patients 5R01CA188353-02 416802
Gomez, Scarlett L Cancer Prevention Instit of California Lung cancer in never smokers: incidence, risk factors, and molecular characteristics in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander females 1R01CA204070-01 649018
Graves, John A. Vanderbilt University Medical Center Effects of Expanded Coverage on Access, Health Care and Health in the South 5R01CA189152-03 1598501
Greenlee, Heather Columbia University Health Sciences Cook For Your Life: Maintaining diet and physical activity changes in Latina breast cancer survivors 5R01CA186080-02 619964
Greiner, K Allen University of Kansas Medical Center Adaptive Intervention to Maximize Colorectal Screening in Safety Net Populations 1R01CA188898-01A1 634932
Gross, Cary P Yale University Impact of Social contagion on Physician use of unproven cancer interventions 5R01CA190017-03 533168
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California Genome-wide sequencing of prostate cancer in men of African ancestry 4R01CA165862-05 657327
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California The Genetic Basis of Aggressive Prostate Cancer: The Role of Rare Variation 1R01CA196931-01A1 610682
Hamel, Lauren M Wayne State University Nonverbal communication of patient and physician racial attitudes and its effect on cancer treatment disparities 5R03CA195147-02 76750
Hannon, Margaret A University of Washington Increasing Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions at Low-Wage Worksites 4R01CA160217-05 447469
Hatcher, Jennifer University of Kentucky Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Emergency Departments 3R21CA177359-02S1 124293
Hay, Jennifer L Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Personalized Genomic Testing for Melanoma: Maximizing Personal Utility and Reach 5R01CA181241-03 657031
Henderson, Louise Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Evaluating the Effect of the Breast Density Legislation on Supplemental Screening 1R21CA209442-01 248710
Henriksen, Lisa Anne Stanford University Impact of Retail Tobacco Advertising on Youth Smoking 5R01CA067850-15 316000
Hershman, Dawn Columbia University Health Sciences Using SWOG-Medicare database to evaluate long-term toxicities of cancer survivors 4R01CA166084-04 318652
Hildebrandt, Michelle At University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Discovery of Novel Rare Variants as Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Factors 5R01CA188943-02 1200669
Hill, Deirdre University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr The Natural History of Untreated Breast Cancer 1R03CA201821-01 75604
Hitsman, Brian L Northwestern University at Chicago Behavioral Activation and Varenicline for Smoking Cessation in Depressed Smokers 5R01CA184211-03 621442
Hollenbeck, Brent K University of Michigan Impact of Urologist Practice Structure on Prostate Cancer Care 4R01CA168691-04 362271
Holt, Cheryl L Univ of Maryland, College Park Implementation of evidence-based cancer early detection in Black churches 4R01CA147313-06 350075
Hu, Jennifer J. University of Miami School of Medicine Immune and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Radiotherapy-Induced Skin Toxicities 5R03CA195643-02 80741
Huang, Jidong Georgia State University Assessing the Intended and Unintended Consequences of E-cigarette TV Advertising 7R01CA194681-02 619617
Huang, Terry T-K Cuny Graduate Sch and Univ Ctr Impact of Park Renovations on Physical Activity and Community Health in NYC 1R01CA206877-01 646395
Hughes-Halbert, Chanita A Medical University of South Carolina Medical University of South Carolina Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center in Precision Medicine and Minority Men's Health 1U54MD010706-01 400000
Hundley, William Gregory Wake Forest University Health Sciences Understanding and Predicting Fatigue, CV Decline & Events After Breast CA Treatment 5R01CA199167-02 638913
Hur, Chin Massachusetts General Hospital Improving Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Prevention, Screening and Treatment 5R01CA140574-07 426391
Hur, Chin Massachusetts General Hospital Controlling Esophageal Cancer: A Collaborative Modeling Approach 5U01CA199336-02 1171793
Hurtado De Mendoza Casaus, Alejandra Georgetown University Enhancing at-Risk Latina Women's Use of Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer 1R03CA191543-01A1 79305
Hussain, Shehnaz Khursheed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Gut-Related Markers and Hepatocellular Cancer in a Multi-Ethnic Cirrhotic Cohort 1R01CA204145-01A1 440818
Im, Eun-Ok Duke University To enhance breast cancer survivorship of Asian Americans 1R01CA203719-01 579406
Irwin, Michael R University of California Los Angeles Sleep, Inflamation, and Depression Occurrence in Breast Cancer Survivors 4R01CA160245-05 793832
Irwin, Michael R University of California Los Angeles Sleep Disturbance, Inflammation, and Cellular Aging in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R01CA207130-01 666998
Jagsi, Reshma University of Michigan Patient Perspectives on the Ethical Implementation of an Oncology Learning System 1R01CA201356-01A1 418403
Jernigan, Terry L. University of California San Diego ABCD-USA Consortium: Coordinating Center 5U24DA041147-02 750000
John, Esther M. Cancer Prevention Instit of California Risk factors for breast cancer subtypes in racial/ethnic minorities 5R03CA199343-02 74500
Joseph, Anne University of Minnesota Adaptive Interventions for Smoking Cessation in Lung Cancer Screening Programs 5R01CA196873-02 626520
Juon, Hee-Soon Thomas Jefferson University Lay Health Worker Model to Reduce Liver Cancer Disparities in Asian Americans 5R01CA163805-06 330974
Karliner, Leah S University of California, San Francisco Disparities in Abnormal Mammogram Follow-up: Actionable Communication and Care Coordination Strategies 1R21CA195429-01A1 241316
Kaye, Jeffrey A Oregon Health & Science University ORCATECH Collaborative Aging (in Place) Research Using Technology (CART) 1U2CAG054397-01 250000
Kegler, Michelle C Emory University Adapting an Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating and Prevent Weight Gain among 2-1-1 Clients through Improved Home Food Environments 1R21CA206508-01 203580
Kendzor, Darla Elizabeth University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Small Financial Incentives to Promote Smoking Cessation in Safety Net Hospital Patients 7R01CA197314-03 421712
Kepka, Deanna Lee University of Utah Community-level Geographic Factors and HPV Vaccination in the U.S. 1R03CA202566-01 86146
Kerr, Jacqueline University of California San Diego (PQA4) GPS exposure to environments & relations with biomarkers of cancer risk 4R01CA179977-04 816993
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K Ohio State University Aerobic Capacity, Depression, & Inflammatory Responsivity in Cancer Survivors 5R01CA186251-02 627981
Kim, Jane Jooyun Harvard School of Public Health Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies 5U01CA199334-02 1291168
Kirchner, Thomas Robert New York University Real-time Exposure to Point-of-Sale Tobacco and Longitudinal Patterns of Use 5R01DA034734-03 200000
Kobetz, Erin N University of Miami School of Medicine Addressing Cervical Cancer Disparity in South Florida CBPR in Action 5R01CA183612-03 508478
Kranzler, Henry Richard University of Pennsylvania Placebo-controlled trial of bupropion for smoking cessation in pregnant women 5R01CA184315-03 638142
Kreuter, Matthew W. Washington University Helping the poor quit smoking: specialized quitlines and meeting basic needs 1R01CA201429-01A1 621831
Krieger, Nancy Harvard School of Public Health Long-term trends in breast cancer DNA copy number alterations & disparities 1R03CA193078-01A1 85312
Krist, Alexander H Virginia Commonwealth University Implementing Personal Health Records to Promote Evidence-Based Cancer Screening 4R01CA168795-04 597431
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute CRN4: Cancer Research Resources & Collaboration in Integrated Health Care Systems 4U24CA171524-05 3062461
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Infrastructure for Pathways, a Prospective Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship 1U01CA195565-01A1 1975323
Landier, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine in Cancer Survivors 5R01CA166559-05 674412
Langer, Shelby Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Couple Communication in Cancer: A Multi-Method Examination 1R01CA201179-01A1 693817
Lapane, Kate L Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Opioids and Adjuvants for Pain in Nursing Home Residents with Cancer 5R21CA198172-02 332156
Larkey, Linda K Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Navigation from Community to Clinic to promote CRC Screening in Underserved Popul 4R01CA162393-05 538307
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Understanding Ethnic Differences in Cancer: The Multiethnic Cohort Study 4U01CA164973-05 3863910
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Obesity, Body Fat Distribution, and Cancer Risk in the Multiethnic Cohort 4P01CA168530-05 2735247
Lee, David J University of Miami School of Medicine A Novel Worksite Smoking Cessation intervention for Hispanic Construction Workers 1R21CA202993-01A1 200131
Lee, Joseph G. L. East Carolina University Cigarette packaging: design, cognition, and consumer choices 1R03CA212542-01 110625
Lee, Rebekka Mairghread Harvard School of Public Health Effective Training Models for Implementing Health-Promoting Practices Afterschool 1R21CA201567-01A1 210758
Lee, Simon J. Craddock UT Southwestern Medical Center Care coordination for complex cancer survivors in an integrated safety-net system 1R01CA203856-01 523019
Leisenring, Wendy M Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Late Effects of Treatment in Wilms Tumor Survivors and Offspring 4R01CA054498-25 636039
Leng, Jennifer Cf Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Informing the Adaptation of a CHW Model to Facilitate Lung Cancer Screening for Chinese Taxi Drivers 1R03CA202515-01A1 85700
Lepore, Stephen J Temple Univ of the Commonwealth Multilevel tobacco intervention in community clinics for underserved families 5R01CA188813-02 588258
Lewis, Carmen Lynn University of Colorado Denver Improving targeted colorectal cancer screening in the elderly 1R21CA191454-01A1 213872
Lim, Unhee University of Hawaii at Manoa TMAO, the Gut Microbiome, and Colorectal Cancer Risk in the Multiethnic Cohort 1R01CA204368-01 367984
Lin, Hui-Yi Lsu Health Sciences Center Gene-Gene Interactions and Their Functional Roles in Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness 1R21CA202417-01A1 147791
Lin, Xihong Harvard School of Public Health Statistical Informatics for Cancer Research 4P01CA134294-09 693299
Lindstroem, Sara University of Washington Quantifying and Characterizing the shared genetic contribution to common cancers 7U01CA194393-02 664391
Lu, Qian University of Houston Joy Luck Academy: A Culturally Sensitive Social Support Intervention 5R01CA180896-03 292725
Lucas, Todd William Wayne State University Culturally Targeted Loss Framed Messaging for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Afri 5R01CA175088-03 282940
Lutgendorf, Susan K University of Iowa Behavioral Influences on Ovarian Cancer Progression: Role of Chemoresistance 1R01CA193249-01A1 668888
Mahabee-Gittens, E. Melinda Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr Pediatric Emergency Department Decision Support System to Reduce Secondhand Smoke 5R21CA184337-02 198424
Mai, Volker University of Florida Big data approach for correlating gut microbiota with epithelial methylation pattern 1R21CA195251-01A1 194521
Mandelblatt, Jeanne Georgetown University Older Breast Cancer Patients: Risk For Cognitive Decline 2R01CA129769-06A1 836998
Mandelblatt, Jeanne Georgetown University Bio-behavioral Research At The Intersection of Cancer and Aging 5R35CA197289-02 918318
Mandelblatt, Jeanne Georgetown University Comparative Modeling: Informing Breast Cancer Control Practice and Policy 5U01CA199218-02 1785514
Martin, Marybeth Georgetown University Impact of environmental metal/metalloid exposures on mammographic breast density, a marker of breast cancer 5U01ES026132-02 473836
Mathews, Herbert L. Loyola University Chicago Chromatin organization as a predictor of stress induced immune dysregulation 1R01CA197005-01A1 529187
Mccabe, Sean Esteban University of Michigan E-Cigarette Use and Longitudinal Changes in Cigarette Smoking and Health 1R01CA203809-01 217388
Mcmullen, Carmit Kurn Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Urinary Diversion Among Bladder Cancer Survivors: Cost, Complications, and QOL 4R01CA164128-05 586158
Mendoza, Jason A Seattle Children's Hospital Evaluation of a Walking School Bus Program: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial 4R01CA163146-05 604750
Mermelstein, Robin J University of Illinois at Chicago Context and Subjective Experience Surrounding Dual Cigarette and E Cigarette Use 5R01CA184681-02 797759
Meza, Rafael University of Michigan Comparative Modeling of Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Policies 5U01CA199284-02 1680258
Mishra, Shiraz I. University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr Enhancing Prevention Pathways Towards Tribal Colorectal Health 1R01CA192967-01A1 584974
Moreno, Megan Andreas Seattle Children's Hospital Adolescent tanning and social media 1R03CA201953-01 75000
Mucci, Lorelei Harvard School of Public Health Circadian Disruption and Risk of Prostate Cancer in a Multiethnic Cohort 1R01CA202690-01 299682
Mullen, Patricia Dolan University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Increasing Reach and Implementation of Evidence Based Programs for Cancer Control 4R01CA163526-05 653067
Murphy, Adam Bryant Northwestern University at Chicago Comparative Effectiveness of Genomics Assay for Active Surveillance Failure Prediction in African American Men: the impact of genetic ancestry and socioeconomic status. 1R21CA202552-01 220289
Muscat, Joshua E Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr Time to first cigarette and early detection in the National Lung Screening Trial 1R03CA201951-01 77350
Neklason, Deborah Wood University of Utah Genetic and Environmental Etiology of Familial Small Intestinal Carcinoid Cancer 1R21CA205796-01 196402
Ness, Kirsten Kimberlie St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Web-based Physical Activity Intervention for Children with ALL 1R01CA193478-01A1 937623
Neuhausen, Susan L. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Germline and Tumor Genomic Analyses of Breast Cancer in Latinas 5R01CA184585-03 817565
Neuhouser, Marian L Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment Study (NPAAS) 2R01CA119171-09A1 843797
Nunez-Smith, Marcella Yale University Validating the Patient-reported Experiences of Discrimination in Care Tool (PreDi 4R01CA169103-05 644476
O'Neill, Suzanne C Georgetown University A Question Prompt List to Promote Communication in Genomic Medicine 1R21CA201827-01A1 233416
Odedina, Folakemi T University of Florida Science of Global Prostate Cancer Disparities 1R13CA210494-01 25000
Ogino, Shuji Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Accelerating Transdisciplinary Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer 5R35CA197735-02 872156
Orom, Heather State University of New York at Buffalo "Don't Know" Responses to Risk Perception Questions: Identifying Mechanisms and Solutions 5R01CA197351-02 487979
Ory, Marcia G Texas A&M University Health Science Ctr Physical Activity Impacts of a Planned Activity-Friendly Community: The What, Where, When and Why of Environmental Approaches to Obesity Prevention 5R01CA197761-02 555097
Osarogiagbon, Raymond U University of Memphis Dissemination and implementation of a corrective intervention to improve mediasti 4R01CA172253-04 508872
Palmer, Julie R Boston University Medical Campus A Prospective Investigation of the Oral Microbiome and Pancreatic Cancer 5U01CA187508-02 562163
Pasick, Rena Joy University of California, San Francisco Comparison of 3 Modes of Genetic Counseling in High-Risk Public Hospital Patients 1R01CA197784-01A1 652127
Paskett, Electra D. Ohio State University Reducing Cervical Cancer in Appalachia 3P50CA105632-10S1 499676
Paskett, Electra D. Ohio State University Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Screening Among Rural Women 5R01CA196243-02 635593
Patten, Christi A Mayo Clinic Rochester Community Intervention to Reduce Tobacco Use among Pregnant Alaska Native Women 4R01CA164533-04 489962
Pechmann, Cornelia University of California-Irvine Social Media Technology for Treating Tobacco Addiction 1R01CA204356-01 604034
Penedo, Frank J Northwestern University at Chicago Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behavioral Stress and Self-Management (C-CBSM) Intervention for PC 1R01CA206456-01A1 661905
Perry, Cheryl Lee University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science on Youth and Young Adults 4P50CA180906-04 3954995
Perry, Cynthia Kay Oregon Health & Science University Fuerte y Sanas: Adaptation of an Exercise and Nutrition Program for Rural Latinas 5R03CA197657-02 77000
Petritis, Konstantinos Phoenix Children's Hospital Preservation of Dried Plasma Spots for downstream proteomic applications 5R21CA177457-03 169148
Piper, Megan University of Wisconsin-Madison E-Cigarettes: Dynamic Patterns of Use and Health Effects 5R01CA190025-02 752473
Plon, Sharon E. Baylor College of Medicine Incorporation of Genomic Sequencing into Pediatric Cancer Care 3U01HG006485-04S1 100000
Pokhrel, Pallav University of Hawaii at Manoa Prospective effects of electronic cigarette marketing on expectancies and behavior 1R01CA202277-01 476625
Pollak, Kathryn I Duke University SMS scheduled gradual reduction text messages to help pregnant smokers quit 4R01CA166149-04 596547
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Sexual Health Empowerment for Cervical Health Literacy and Cancer Prevention 5R01CA181047-03 313325
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Correctional and Public Health Links to Bolster HPV Vaccine and Cancer Prevention 1R21CA204767-01 171654
Reeve, Bryce B Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill PROMIS Validation in Prospective Population-based Prostate Cancer Research Study 3R01CA174453-04S1 150000
Reiter, Paul L Ohio State University Increasing HPV Vaccine Coverage among Young Adult Gay and Bisexual Men 5R21CA194831-02 167845
Reiter, Paul L Ohio State University HPV Infection among Sexual Minority Women in the United States 5R03CA198115-02 77000
Ribisl, Kurt M. Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Effective Communication on Tobacco Product Risk and FDA Authority 4P50CA180907-04 4000000
Robinson, June K Northwestern University at Chicago A comparison of interventions to teach patients skin self-examination 2R01CA154908-06A1 619209
Rogers, Laura Q University of Alabama at Birmingham Find your BEAT: Toolkit to increase physical activity in rural cancer survivors 5R21CA182601-02 159863
Rosenberg, Lynn Boston University Medical Campus A Follow-up Study for Causes of Cancer in Black Women 4UM1CA164974-05 3236402
Rosenfeld, Barry Fordham University Measurement of prognostic understanding in patients with advanced cancer 1R21CA186932-01A1 314041
Sabik, Lindsay Marie University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Disparities in Cancer Screening: The Role of Medicaid Policy 7R01CA178980-04 298744
Saelens, Brian E Seattle Children's Hospital Structural & Programmatic Effects of Bus Rapid Transit on Physical Activity 5R01CA178343-03 447123
Sahler, Olle Jane Z University of Rochester Online Problem-Solving Skills Training for Mothers of Childhood Cancer Patients 4R01CA159013-05 752832
Samet, Jonathan M University of Southern California USC Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (TCORS) for Vulnerable Populations 4P50CA180905-04 3950022
Sanderson, Maureen Meharry Medical College Understanding breast cancer subtypes in Black women 5R03CA192214-02 78336
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