BRP-Funded Grants

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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
Branch Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch
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Barnes, Laura Elizabeth University of Virginia SCH:INT: Collaborative Research: Multiscale Modeling and Intervention for Improving Long-Term Medication 5R01CA239246-02 PAR18-949 298062 2020
Beidas, Rinad Sary University of Pennsylvania Advancing the Quality of Cancer Care Through Behavioral Economics and Implementation Science 5P50CA244690-02 CA19-006 985840 2021
Blanton, Hart Texas A&M University Virtual Transportation as a Strategy to Reduce Resistance to Cigarette and E-Cigarette Graphic Health Warnings in Adolescents and Young Adults 5R01CA214587-05 PA16-160 366464 2020
Bragg, Marie New York University School of Medicine Examining the Mechanisms Underlying the Influence of Facebook Food Advertisements on Adolescents' Eating Behaviors: Randomized Controlled Trials 1R01CA248441-01A1 PAR19-348 499036 2021
Bridges, John F. Ohio State University Participant Engagement and Cancer Genome Sequencing (Pe-Cgs): Coordinating Center 5U24CA252977-02 CA19-046 491400 2021
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Washington University Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control 5P50CA244431-02 CA19-006 1529374 2020
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Likes Pins and Views: Engaging Moms on Teen Indoor Tanning Thru Social Media 5R01CA192652-05 PA13-302 607418 2019
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Likes Pins and Views: Engaging Moms on Teen Indoor Tanning Thru Social Media 3R01CA192652-05S1 PA18-935 169495 2020
Byrne, Sahara Elizabeth Cornell University The E-Cigarette Population Paradox: Testing Effects of Youth-Targeted Population Warnings for E-Cigarettes Among Two Key Populations 5R01CA246605-02 OD18-002 454711 2020
Chin, Jessie University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Identifying False HPV-Vaccine Information and Modeling Its Impact on Risk Perceptions 5R21CA237483-02 PAR18-639 174255 2021
Di Eugenio, Barbara University of Illinois at Chicago SCH: Int: Mypha: Automatically Generating Personalized Accounts of in-Patient Hospitalization 5R01CA225446-04 PAR16-601 372984 2021
Dizon, Don S Rhode Island Hospital The Collaboration for Outcomes Using Social Media in Oncology (COSMO) Conference 1R13CA239613-01A1 PA18-648 10000 2020
Eggly, Susan S. Wayne State University A Multilevel Intervention to Increase the Participation of African Americans in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials 5R01CA200718-05 PA13-302 647487 2020
Emmons, Karen M. Harvard School of Public Health Implementation Science Center in Cancer Control Equity: a Competitive Revision to Accelerate COVID Testing in Vulnerable Communities 3P50CA244433-02S1 PA20-135 3432338 2020
Emmons, Karen M. Harvard School of Public Health The Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control Equity 5P50CA244433-02 CA19-006 1580659 2020
Emmons, Karen M. Harvard School of Public Health Improving Mammography Completion and Follow-Up in Community Health Centers 1R03CA256233-01 PAR20-052 90057 2021
Evans, W Douglas George Washington University Digital Media for Cancer Control: Randomized Controlled Trial and Dose Response Effects 5R01CA253013-02 PAR19-348 543062 2021
Falk, Emily University of Pennsylvania Cancer Prevention Through Neural and Geospatial Examination of Tobacco Marketing Effects in Smokers 5R01CA229305-02 PAR18-638 659479 2020
Feng, Miao National Opinion Research Center Characterizing Support and Opposition for E-Cigarette Use Prevention Campaigns on Twitter 1R03CA252680-01 PAR18-021 163186 2020
Foley, Kristie L Wake Forest University Health Sciences IDAPT: Implementation and Informatics - Developing Adaptable Processes and Technologies for Cancer Control 5P50CA244693-02 CA19-005 776871 2020
Glasgow, Russell E University of Colorado Denver Pragmatic Implementation Science Approaches to Assess and Enhance Value of Cancer Prevention and Control in Rural Primary Care 5P50CA244688-02 CA19-005 762190 2020
Glasgow, Russell E University of Colorado Denver Addressing Shared Decision Making Related to Cancer Prevention and Control for Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia and Caregivers in Rural Primary Care 3P50CA244688-01S1 PA18-591 367605 2020
Graetz, Ilana Emory University Communication App to Manage Symptoms and Improve Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Adherence 5R01CA218155-04 PAR16-249 378251 2020
Harrington, Nancy Grant University of Kentucky Advancing Health Communication Research Through the Kchc-Dchc Conference Series 5R13CA168316-09 PA16-294 15000 2021
Hekler, Eric B University of California, San Diego Optimizing Individualized and Adaptive Mhealth Interventions Via Control Systems Engineering Methods 5R01CA244777-02 PAR18-559 631918 2021
Henriksen, Lisa Anne Stanford University Retail Environment for Tobacco and Marijuana in California: Impact on College Student Use 5R01CA217165-04 PA16-160 145542 2021
Im, Eun-Ok Emory University To Enhance Breast Cancer Survivorship of Asian Americans 5R01CA203719-06 PA13-292 576313 2020
King, Andy J Iowa State University Using Natural Language Processing and Crowdsourcing to Monitor and Evaluate Public Information and Communication Disparities About Colon Cancer Screening 1R37CA259156-01 PAR19-348 396908 2021
Kirchhoff, Anne C University of Utah Improving Health Insurance Experiences for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients 5R01CA242729-03 PAR18-869 356607 2021
Kostygina, Ganna National Opinion Research Center Assessing the Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Influencer Marketing in the Rapidly Changing Media Environment 3R01CA234082-02S1 PA18-591 92943 2020
Kostygina, Ganna National Opinion Research Center Assessing the Effects of Cigar and Cigarillo Social Media Promotion on Tobacco and Marijuana Use 1R01CA248871-01A1 PA19-056 700793 2021
Kostygina, Ganna National Opinion Research Center Assessing the Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Influencer Marketing in the Rapidly Changing Media Environment 5R01CA234082-02 OD18-002 484501 2020
Kroenke, Candyce H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute An Electronic Health Record-Based Tool to Identify Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients at Risk of Low Social Support 5R01CA253028-02 PAR19-093 615036 2021
Long, Kristin Ann Boston University (Charles River Campus) SIBACCESS: Developing a Telehealth Intervention to Address Unmet Psychosocial Needs of Siblings of Children with Cancer 1R03CA259898-01 PAR20-052 95593 2021
Lu, Qian University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Writing to Heal: a Culturally Based Brief Expressive Writing Intervention for Chinese Immigrant Breast Cancer Survivors 1R01CA248213-01A1 PAR18-559 657316 2021
Lucas, Todd William Michigan State University Culturally-Targeted Communication to Promote Sars-Cov-2 Antibody Testing in Saliva: Enabling Evaluation of Inflammatory Pathways in COVID-19 Racial Disparities 1U01CA260469-01 CA20-039 1326405 2020
Manne, Sharon L Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Facebook Intervention for Young Onset Melanoma Patients and Families 5R01CA221854-04 PA16-160 529068 2021
Martin, Michelle Y University of Tennessee Health Sci Ctr Increasing Recruitment of Underrepresented Cancer Survivors with Awareness Enhancing Interventions (Run Awei) 5R01CA242737-02 PAR18-559 473444 2021
Massey, Philip M Drexel University Hashtag Hpv: Engaging Parents Through Social Media to Increase HPV Vaccination 5R01CA229324-03 PAR18-638 422512 2021
Mays, Darren M Ohio State University Optimizing Hookah Tobacco Public Education Messages to Reduce Young Adult Use 7R01CA229082-04 PA18-590 239341 2020
Mays, Darren M Ohio State University Optimizing Risk Messages to Promote Waterpipe Tobacco Cessation in Young Adults 7R01CA217861-04 PA18-590 112340 2019
Mcclure, Jennifer B Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Development of a Mhealth Intervention for Ambivalent Smokers: a Pilot Feasibility Study 5R21CA234003-02 PAR18-018 140505 2020
Nan, Xiaoli Univ of Maryland, College Park Framing HPV Vaccination Messages for African American Parents 5R01CA219060-04 PA16-160 459787 2021
Noonan, Devon Duke University A Text-Based Scheduled Reduction Intervention for Smokeless Tobacco Cessation 5R01CA242593-02 PAR18-869 368288 2020
O'Connor, Richard J Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Wny Center for Research on Flavored Tobacco Products (CROFT) 5U54CA228110-03 OD17-006 3980300 2020
Papanikolopoulos, Nikos University of Minnesota SCH: Active Learning for Medical Applications 5R01CA225435-04 PAR16-601 309176 2021
Pasick, Rena Joy University of California, San Francisco Comparison of 3 Modes of Genetic Counseling in High-Risk Public Hospital Patients 5R01CA197784-05 PA13-302 787677 2020
Pechmann, Cornelia University of California-Irvine Social Media Technology for Treating Tobacco Addiction 5R01CA204356-05 PA13-302 476563 2020
Pokhrel, Pallav University of Hawaii at Manoa Social Processes of E-Cigarette Marketing's Influence on Behavior 5R01CA228905-03 OD17-013 449448 2020
Pokhrel, Pallav University of Hawaii at Manoa Prospective Effects of Electronic Cigarette Marketing on Expectancies and Behavior 5R01CA202277-05 PA13-302 423944 2020
Popova, Lyudmila Georgia State University Communicating About Nicotine and Differential Risks of Tobacco Products 5R01CA239308-02 OD18-002 453029 2020
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Sexual Health Empowerment for Jail-Involved Women's Health Literacy and Prevention 5R01CA181047-08 Sample Grant Application PAR18-559 187167 2021
Ryser, Marc Duke University The Mathematics of Breast Cancer Overtreatment: Improving Treatment Choice Through Effective Communication of Personalized Cancer Risk 5R00CA207872-05 PA15-083 248999 2020
Sanders, Lee Michael Stanford University SCH:INT Collaborative Research: Intelligent Information Sharing: Advancing Teamwork in Complex Care 5R01CA204585-04 PA13-543 352510 2019
Sargent, James D. Dartmouth College Does Exposure to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Advertising Affect Positive Smoking Expectancies and Social Normative Beliefs Regarding Smoking? 5R21CA232054-02 PAR17-472 172999 2019
Sargent, James D. Dartmouth College Machine Learning for Computerized Surveillance of Tobacco and Alcohol Brands in Streamed Entertainment Media 5R01CA225845-03 PAR16-249 518620 2020
Shen, Megan Johnson Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ A Communication-Based Intervention for Advanced Cancer Patient-Caregiver Dyads to Increase Engagement in Advance Care Planning and Reduce Caregiver Burden 5R21CA224874-02 PAR16-318 221822 2019
Strasser, Andrew A University of Pennsylvania Examining the Effects of Advertising, Packaging and Labeling on Perceptions, Use and Exposure of Combustible Tobacco Products 5U54CA229973-03 OD17-006 3870078 2020
Tan, Andy Sl University of Pennsylvania Project Resist: Increasing Resistance to Tobacco Marketing Among Young Adult Sexual Minority Women Using Inoculation Message Approaches 5R01CA237670-03 PAR18-559 612714 2021
Wang, Judy Huei-Yu Georgetown University A Web-Based Intervention to Promote Follow-Up Care Communication and Functional Status of Chinese Immigrant Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA212298-02 PA13-288 170413 2018
Weiner, Bryan J. University of Washington Optimizing Implementation in Cancer Control: Opticc 5P50CA244432-02 CA19-006 1308295 2020
Weiner, Bryan J. University of Washington Optimizing Implementation in Cancer Control: Opticc 3P50CA244432-02S1 PA18-906 191668 2020
Woodall, W Gill Klein Buendel, Inc. Web App Technology for Boys and Parents: Improving HPV Vaccine Uptake 5R01CA210125-05 PA13-302 215654 2020
Yanez, Betina Northwestern University at Chicago Technology Facilitated Behavioral Intervention for Depression Among Diverse Patients in Ambulatory Oncology 1R37CA255875-01 PA18-493 685418 2021
Yin, Zhijun Vanderbilt University Medical Center Prediction of Anti-Cancer Medication Discontinuation Via Patient Portal Messages and Structured Electronic Medical Records 5R37CA237452-02 PAR18-638 386906 2021