BRP-Funded Grants

Grant Status Active
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
Branch Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL
Ammerman, Alice S. Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Effects of Physical Activity Calorie Expenditure (PACE) Food Labeling 5R01CA184473-04 452156 2017
Blanton, Hart C Texas A&M University Virtual Transportation as a Strategy to Reduce Resistance to Cigarette and E-Cigarette Graphic Health Warnings in Adolescents and Young Adults 5R01CA214587-03 363195 2018
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Using Technology to Scale-Up an Occupational Sun Protection Policy Program 5R01CA210259-02 667691 2018
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Likes Pins and Views: Engaging Moms on Teen Indoor Tanning Thru Social Media 5R01CA192652-04 655776 2018
Cho, Hyunyi Ohio State University Media Literacy Intervention for Indoor Tanning Prevention 5R01CA176196-05 323884 2017
Compas, Bruce E Vanderbilt University Parent-Child Communication About Cancer 5R01CA118332-10 437647 2017
Davis, Stacy N Rbhs-School of Public Health Wired for Colorectal Cancer Screening: an Mhealth Intervention 5R03CA198580-02 80489 2017
Di Eugenio, Barbara University of Illinois at Chicago SCH: Int: Mypha: Automatically Generating Personalized Accounts of in-Patient Hospitalization 1R01CA225446-01 375284 2018
Duberstein, Paul R University of Rochester Impact of a Novel Cancer Communication Intervention on Caregiver Bereavement 5R01CA168387-05 281241 2017
Eadie, Tanya L University of Washington Communication Outcomes After Head & Neck Cancer 5R01CA177635-05 298689 2018
Eggly, Susan S. Wayne State University A Multilevel Intervention to Increase the Participation of African Americans in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials 5R01CA200718-03 665635 2018
Erwin, Deborah O Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Novel Intervention to Increase Lactation Practices By African American Women 5R21CA202263-02 184752 2017
Fernandez, Maria Eulalia University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Increasing Reach and Implementation of Evidence Based Programs for Cancer Control 4R01CA163526-05 653067 2016
Harrington, Nancy Grant University of Kentucky Advancing Health Communication Research Through the Kchc-Dchc Conference Series 2R13CA168316-06A1 15000 2018
Henriksen, Lisa Anne Stanford University Retail Environment for Tobacco and Marijuana in California: Impact on College Student Use 1R01CA217165-01A1 664248 2018
Hornik, Robert C. University of Pennsylvania Upenn Tcors: Tobacco Product Messaging in a Complex Communication Environment 5P50CA179546-05 3703737 2017
Houston, Thomas K. Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Take a Break: Mhealth-Assisted Skills Building Challenge for Unmotivated Smokers 5R01CA190866-04 646054 2018
Hurtado De Mendoza Casaus, Alejandra Georgetown University Enhancing at-Risk Latina Women's Use of Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer 5R03CA191543-02 79150 2017
Im, Eun-Ok Duke University To Enhance Breast Cancer Survivorship of Asian Americans 5R01CA203719-03 576193 2018
Kavuluru, Venkata Naga Ramakanth University of Kentucky Toward Fine-Grained E-Cigarette Surveillance on Social Media: Evolving Themes, Popularity Predictors, and Demographic Variations 5R21CA218231-02 166388 2018
Kelly, Kimberly Michelle West Virginia University BRIM3: Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk Informational Materials Project 1R15CA179224-01A1 455175 2015
Kim, Wonsun Sunny Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Effects of Digital Stories Intervention on Psychosocial Well-Being for Cancer Patients and Caregivers Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HCT) 1R15CA213035-01A1 484697 2017
Krist, Alexander H Virginia Commonwealth University Implementing Personal Health Records to Promote Evidence-Based Cancer Screening 5R01CA168795-05 593692 2017
Linos, Eleni University of California, San Francisco Targeted Advertising for Cancer Prevention 3DP2CA225433-01S1 148253 2018
Linos, Eleni University of California, San Francisco Targeted Advertising for Cancer Prevention 1DP2CA225433-01 2377500 2017
Linos, Eleni University of California, San Francisco Online Advertising for Skin Cancer Prevention 5R21CA212201-02 172369 2018
Linos, Eleni University of California, San Francisco Targeted Advertising for Cancer Prevention 3DP2CA225433-01S2 100000 2018
Lucas, Todd William Wayne State University Culturally Targeted Loss Framed Messaging for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Afri 5R01CA175088-05 282940 2018
Manne, Sharon L Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Facebook Intervention for Young Onset Melanoma Patients and Families 1R01CA221854-01A1 598244 2018
Manning, Mark A Wayne State University Normative Messages to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening Uptake Among African Americans 1R03CA216011-01A1 77000 2018
Mays, Darren M Georgetown University Optimizing Risk Messages to Promote Waterpipe Tobacco Cessation in Young Adults 5R01CA217861-02 359252 2018
Mays, Darren M Georgetown University Optimizing Hookah Tobacco Public Education Messages to Reduce Young Adult Use 1R01CA229082-01 499604 2018
Mynatt, Elizabeth Georgia Institute of Technology SCH: Creating Interactive of Models Healthcare Journeys to Improve Patient-C 5R01CA195653-05 180350 2018
Myneni, Sahiti University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Characterization of the Manifestation of Stages and Processes of Smoking Behavior Change in Health-Related Social Intercourse 5R21CA220670-02 167779 2018
Nan, Xiaoli Univ of Maryland, College Park Framing HPV Vaccination Messages for African American Parents 1R01CA219060-01A1 442195 2018
Noonan, Devon Duke University Addressing Tobacco Use Disparities Through an Innovative Mobile Phone Intervention: the Textto4gosmokelesstobacco 1R15CA198841-01 477000 2015
Ostroff, Jamie S Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Provider Training in Empathic Communication Skills to Reduce Lung Cancer Stigma 5R21CA202793-02 223677 2017
Pagoto, Sherry L. University of Connecticut Storrs Using a Narrative-Based Approach to Reducing Indoor Tanning 1R21CA226133-01 173456 2018
Papanikolopoulos, Nikolaos P University of Minnesota SCH: Active Learning for Medical Applications 1R01CA225435-01 321839 2018
Pasick, Rena Joy University of California, San Francisco Comparison of 3 Modes of Genetic Counseling in High-Risk Public Hospital Patients 5R01CA197784-03 740001 2018
Patrick, Kevin University of California, San Diego CYCORE: Cyberinfrastructure for Cancer Comparative Effectiveness Research 5R01CA177996-05 139970 2018
Pechmann, Cornelia University of California-Irvine Social Media Technology for Treating Tobacco Addiction 5R01CA204356-03 494861 2018
Pokhrel, Pallav University of Hawaii at Manoa Social Processes of E-Cigarette Marketing's Influence on Behavior 1R01CA228905-01 478264 2018
Pokhrel, Pallav University of Hawaii at Manoa Prospective Effects of Electronic Cigarette Marketing on Expectancies and Behavior 5R01CA202277-03 609130 2018
Primack, Brian A. University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Leveraging Twitter to Monitor Nicotine and Tobacco-Related Cancer Communication 1R01CA225773-01 505649 2018
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Sexual Health Empowerment for Cervical Health Literacy and Cancer Prevention 5R01CA181047-05 313325 2018
Ryser, Marc Duke University The Mathematics of Breast Cancer Overtreatment: Improving Treatment Choice Through Effective Communication of Personalized Cancer Risk 4R00CA207872-03 248995 2018
Sanders, Lee Michael Stanford University SCH:INT Collaborative Research: Intelligent Information Sharing: Advancing Teamwork in Complex Care 7R01CA204585-03 440850 2018
Sargent, James D. Dartmouth College Machine Learning for Computerized Surveillance of Tobacco and Alcohol Brands in Streamed Entertainment Media 1R01CA225845-01 627735 2018
Sargent, James D. Dartmouth College Does Exposure to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Advertising Affect Positive Smoking Expectancies and Social Normative Beliefs Regarding Smoking? 1R21CA232054-01 214020 2018
Scherr, Courtney Lynam Northwestern University Communicate and Learn About Your Variant of Uncertain Significance (Clear Vus) 5R03CA194643-02 83085 2017
Shen, Megan Johnson Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ A Communication-Based Intervention for Advanced Cancer Patient-Caregiver Dyads to Increase Engagement in Advance Care Planning and Reduce Caregiver Burden 1R21CA224874-01A1 192247 2018
Walker, Amy J University of Washington Parenting in the Face of Cancer: Non-Ill Sibling and Parent Relationships 5R03CA186910-02 77250 2017
Wang, Judy Huei-Yu Georgetown University A Web-Based Intervention to Promote Follow-Up Care Communication and Functional Status of Chinese Immigrant Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA212298-02 170413 2018
Wang, Yao New York University SCH: Exp: Improving Early Detection and Intervention of Lymphedema 5R01CA214085-03 216636 2018
Wen, Kuang-Yi Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Preventing Postpartum Smoking Relapse: a Twitter-Enabled Supportive Intervention 5R21CA198036-02 238815 2017
Woodall, W Gill Klein Buendel, Inc. Web App Technology for Boys and Parents: Improving HPV Vaccine Uptake 5R01CA210125-03 626868 2018
Yanez, Betina Northwestern University at Chicago Feasibility of Oncomed to Improve Self-Management and Adherence to Oral Anticancer Medications 1R21CA226671-01A1 206190 2018