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DCCPS New (Competing) Awards

Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Grant Type 1,2,3
Fiscal Year 2020
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Initiative
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Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Basen-Engquist, Karen M University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Reducing Breast Cancer Risk Through Modifying Body Composition and Decreasing Inflammation in Normal Weight Women 1R21CA239079-01A1 PA18-720 199734 2020
Bian, Jiang University of Florida The Benefits and Harms of Lung Cancer Screening in Florida 1R01CA246418-01 PAR18-869 337461 2020
Carroll, Judith E University of California Los Angeles Accelerated Biological Aging in Breast Cancer and Risk for Cognitive and Physical Complaints 1R01CA237535-01A1 PA19-056 631800 2020
Creswell, John David Carnegie-Mellon University A Value Affirmation Intervention for Physical Symptoms and Medication Adherence in Breast Cancer Patients Taking Aromatase Inhibitors 1R01CA236860-01A1 PAR18-559 564515 2020
Dahne, Jennifer Renee Medical University of South Carolina Remote Methods to Biochemically Verify Smoking Status 1R21CA241842-01A1 PAR18-378 227614 2020
De Smith, Adam University of Southern California Exploring the Shared Genetic Architecture of White Blood Cell Variation and Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 1R03CA245998-01 PAR18-021 97340 2020
Evans, William J University of California Berkeley Amplified Muscle Mass in Older Cancer Survivors Enrolled in a Diet-Exercise Program 1R01CA246695-01 PAR18-869 263427 2020
Hawley, Sarah T University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Improving Patient-Centered Communication in Breast Cancer: a Rct of a Shared Decision Engagement System (SHADES) 1R01CA237046-01A1 PAR18-559 561291 2020
Li, Guojun University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Immuno-Inflammatory Response Non-Coding Rnas as Predictors of HPV Status & Outcome of Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients 1R01CA236859-01A1 PA19-056 384978 2020
Luo, Jun Johns Hopkins University Genetic and Genomic Determinants of Homologous Recombination Repair Deficiency as Treatment Selection Markers for Lethal Prostate Cancer 1R01CA238284-01A1 PA19-056 374578 2020
Mc Bride, Colleen M Emory University Evaluating Deliberative Democracy Approaches with Citizens of African Ancestry Regarding Population Screening for Hereditary Cancer Syndromes 1R21CA238356-01A1 PA17-446 172440 2020
Miller, David P Wake Forest University Health Sciences A Personalized Digital Outreach Intervention for Lung Cancer Screening 1R01CA237240-01A1 PAR18-559 620440 2020
Moucheraud, Corrina University of California Los Angeles Economic Evaluation of Strategies to Address the Significant Cervical Cancer Burden in Malawi 1R03CA227331-01A1 PAR18-021 79242 2020
O'Connor, Mary-Frances American Psychosomatic Society (APS) Conference Grant to Support American Psychosomatic Society's 78th and 79th Annual Scientific Meetings 1R13AG066393-01 PA18-648 10000 2020
O'Neill, Suzanne C Georgetown University Peer Support for Young Adult Women with High Breast Cancer Risk 1R01CA242750-01A1 PAR18-869 375447 2020
Omilian, Angela Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp The Role of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells and Estrogen Receptor Expression in Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Biology. 1R03CA238792-01A1 PAR18-021 87350 2020
Ozer, Elizabeth M University of California, San Francisco SCH: Changegradients: Promoting Adolescent Health Behavior Change with Clinically Integrated Sample-Efficient Policy Gradient Methods 1R01CA247705-01 PAR19-005 246115 2020
Real, Francis Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates Through Virtual Immersive Communication Training on Recommending Immunizations: an Efficacy Study of Victori 1R21CA238170-01A1 PAR18-019 188119 2020
Sheppard, Vanessa B Virginia Commonwealth University Improving Uptake of Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment in African American Women 1R21CA236496-01A1 PAR18-018 214653 2020
Sieh, Weiva Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Mammographic Density 1R01CA237541-01A1 PA17-239 489949 2020
Simon, Patricia Yale University An Examination of Polytobacco Use Trajectories and Socioecological Risk Factors 1R03CA245991-01 PAR18-021 83750 2020
Smith, Sophia K Duke University Using a Smart Design to Optimize Ptsd Symptom Management Strategies Among Cancer Survivors 1R01CA244172-01 PAR18-559 702677 2020
Stern, Marilyn University of South Florida NOURISH-T+: a Randomized Control Trial Targeting Parents in Promoting Healthy Eating and Exercise Behaviors in Pediatric Cancer Survivors with Overweight/Obesity 1R01CA240319-01A1 PAR18-559 577802 2020
Tan, Andy Sl Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Project Resist: Increasing Resistance to Tobacco Marketing Among Young Adult Sexual Minority Women Using Inoculation Message Approaches 1R01CA237670-01A1 PAR18-559 771689 2020
Tercyak, Kenneth Georgetown University Improving Genetic Counseling for Brca+ Mothers 1R01CA246589-01 PAR18-869 376029 2020
Wesselmann, Ursula Isolde University of Alabama at Birmingham Life After Breast Cancer Treatment: Racial Health Disparities and Chronic Pain in Breast Cancer Survivors. 1R01CA246708-01 PAR18-869 323152 2020
Wheeler, David Charles Virginia Commonwealth University Modeling Multiple Environmental Exposures and Childhood Leukemia Risk 1R21CA238370-01A1 PA16-175 210744 2020
White, Justin S University of California, San Francisco A Pilot Trial of Gamification for Enhancing a Smoking Cessation App. 1R21CA238301-01A1 PAR18-018 276482 2020
Winickoff, Jonathan P Massachusetts General Hospital Electronic Pediatric Office Systems to Support Treatment for Parental Tobacco Use 1R01CA245145-01 PAR18-559 931084 2020
Yaghjyan, Lusine University of Florida The Role of Breast Stem Cells in Breast Cancer Etiology and Risk Prediction 1R01CA240341-01A1 PA19-056 369018 2020
Yang, Gong Vanderbilt University Medical Center Time-Dependent and Bidirectional Effect of Oxidative Stress - a Missing Piece of the Free Radical Theory of Cancer and Its Potential Implications 1R01CA237895-01A1 PA19-056 686500 2020
Zhang, Xuehong Brigham and Women's Hospital Proteomics Study of Non-Viral Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk 1R21CA238651-01A1 PA18-678 249637 2020

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