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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Ardini, Mary-Anne Research Triangle Institute Coordinating Center for Research Centers for Improving Management of Symptoms During and Following Cancer Treatment 3U24CA232980-01S1 451000 2023
Brewer, Noel Todd Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Program Project – Improving Provider Announcement Communication Training (IMPACT) 3P01CA250989-03S1 125000 2023
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Washington University Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control (Wu-Isccc) 3P50CA244431-05S1 155498 2023
Chang, Su-Hsin Washington University Comparative Modeling of Multiple Myeloma Across Myeloma Control Continuum: Prevention, Treatment, and Disparity Reduction 3U01CA265735-03S1 138880 2023
Chow, Eric Jessen Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Salsa - Study of Active Lifestyle Activation 3R01CA263144-04S1 199496 2023
Darst, Burcu Frances Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Integrating Genomics and Metabolomics to Develop Predictive Models of Prostate Cancer in Multiethnic Men 3R00CA246063-04S1 87998 2023
Davis, Melinda Marie Oregon Health & Science University Smarter Crc Supplement for Accsis Patient Navigation 3UH3CA244298-05S1 80000 2023
Dionne-Odom, James N. University of Alabama at Birmingham Decision Support Training for Advanced Cancer Family Caregivers: the Cascade Factorial Trial 3R01CA262039-03S1 204066 2023
Gao, Guimin University of Chicago Transcriptome-Wide Association Studies for Alzheimer’s Disease Integrating Rna Splicing and Gene Expression From Multiple Tissues 3R01CA242929-04S1 249950 2022
Glasgow, Russell E University of Colorado Denver Phase 2 Isc3 Administrative Supplement for Advancing Health Equity Through Implementation Science 3P50CA244688-05S1 125000 2023
Glasgow, Russell E University of Colorado Denver Expanding the Dissemination and Implementation Models Webtool Adding an Assessment Instrument for Implementation Science 3P50CA244688-05S2 375995 2023
Hassett, Michael James Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Simpro Research Center: Integration and Implementation of Pros for Symptom Manage 3UM1CA233080-01S1 42500 2023
Heck, Julia University of North Texas Maternal Acetaminophen Use and Childhood Cancer 3R03CA273608-02S1 31045 2023
Hekler, Eric University of California, San Diego Optimizing Individualized and Adaptive Mhealth Interventions Via Control Systems Engineering Methods 3R01CA244777-04S2 256353 2023
Jenkins, Robert B. Mayo Clinic Rochester Understanding the Interactions Between Germline and Somatic Alterations in the Pathogenesis of Gliomas 3R01CA230712-05S1 200000 2022
Kadan-Lottick, Nina S Georgetown University Bridging Information Divides and Gaps to Ensure Survivorship: the Bridges Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multilevel Intervention to Improve Adherence to Childhood Cancer Survivorship 3R01CA261881-03S1 200000 2023
Kandula, Namratha R Northwestern University at Chicago Administrative Supplement for a Multilevel Physical Activity Intervention for South Asian Women and Girls 3R01CA242520-05S1 221291 2023
Kaphingst, Kimberly A University of Utah Leveraging an Electronic Medical Record Infrastructure to Identify Primary Care Patients Eligible for Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer and Evaluate Novel Cancer Genetics Service Delivery Models 3U01CA232826-05S1 104853 2022
Keating, Nancy L Harvard Medical School The Impact of a Changing Health Care Delivery System on the Quality of Oncology Care - Administrative Supplement 3R01CA255035-03S2 122677 2023
Kinney, Anita Y. Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Multilevel Factors Associated with Disparities in the Use of Targeted Cancer Therapies in Medicare 3R01CA277599-02S1 125000 2023
Lacey, James V Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Oil and Gas as Drivers of Climate Change and Health: Developing Unique Resources to Investigate Multi-Level and Diverse Effects of Exposure to Oil and Gas Wells 3U01CA199277-09S1 650629 2023
Leventhal, Adam Matthew University of Southern California Enhancing Precision of Estimates of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Disparities in Tobacco and Cannabis Use in Young People 3R01CA229617-05S1 95959 2023
Loeb, Stacy New York University School of Medicine Addressing Misinformation to Promote Equity in Prostate Cancer Care - Revision - 1 3R01CA278997-01S1 96610 2023
Low, Carissa A University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Mobile Sensors in Cancer Care: Patient and Provider Perspectives and Impact on Patient-Provider Communication 3R37CA242545-05S1 96401 2023
Miller, Kimberly Ann University of Southern California Indicators of Accelerated Aging in Asian American Childhood Survivors 3R01CA261888-03S1 199916 2023
Nathanson, Katherine L. University of Pennsylvania Randomized Trial of Universal Vs. Guideline-Directed Germline Testing Among Young Adults with Cancer 3U01CA232836-01A1S1 143595 2022
Pal, Tuya Vanderbilt University Medical Center Expanding Genetic Risk Assessment to Underserved Populations: a Cancer Registry-Based Approach 3U01CA254832-04S2 122493 2023
Panageas, Katherine S Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research MATCHES: Making Telehealth Delivery of Cancer Care at Home Effective and Safe - Addressing Missing Data in the Matches Study to Improve Ml/Ai Readiness 3P50CA271357-02S1 353942 2023
Park, Elyse R. Massachusetts General Hospital Examining Gender as a Sociocultural Variable Shaping Health Outcomes of Cancer Caregiving 3R21CA273785-01S1 165574 2023
Rogers, Erin New York University School of Medicine A Behavioral Economic Intervention for Low-Income Smokers - Resubmission - 1 - Revision - 1 3R37CA252483-02S1 226794 2023
Ross, Michael W University of Minnesota Early Oropharyngeal Cancer and Screening in Gay and Bisexual Men 3R01CA253244-03S1 200000 2022
Rosser, B R Simon University of Minnesota Testing Effective Methods to Recruit Sexual and Gender Minority Cancer Patients for Cancer Studies 3R01CA265945-02S1 99851 2023
Scheurer, Michael E Baylor College of Medicine Evaluating Environmental Metals Exposure on Risk of Lch 3R01CA233719-05S1 100000 2023
Spellman, Paul T. Oregon Health & Science University Measuring Gender in the Healthy Oregon Project 3U01CA232819-01A1S1 161578 2023
Spring, Bonnie Northwestern University at Chicago Scanable Telehealth Cancer Care: the Stellar Program to Treat Cancer Risk Behaviors 3P50CA271353-02S1 94781 2023
Steinberg, Michael B. Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Evaluating Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Measurement Methods to Improve Research on Cigarette Relighting 3R01CA260831-02S1 100000 2023
Sterba, Katherine Regan Medical University of South Carolina Extending Digital Survivorship Needs Assessment Planning Tools to Enhance Communication in the Head and Neck Cancer Survivor-Caregiver-Provider Triad 3R01CA259186-02S1 96839 2023
Stockwell, Brent R Columbia Univ New York Morningside Multimodal Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Mouse and Human Liver 3UH3CA256962-04S1 150000 2023
Sumner, Susan J Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Year 2, Targeted and Clinical Assay Supplement to the Nph Mcac 3U24CA268153-02S1 1199983 2023
Tavtigian, Sean Vahram University of Utah Cloud Enabled, Rigorous, Functional Assay Calibration (CERFAC) 3R01CA264971-02S1 220416 2023
Wernli, Karen J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Patient Provider Communication Larch Supplement 3R01CA262015-03S1 99999 2023
Wiesner, Georgia L Vanderbilt University Medical Center Improving Identification and Healthcare for Patients with Inherited Cancer Syndromes: Evidence-Based Emr Implementation Using a Web-Based Computer Platform 3U01CA232829-01A1S1 100000 2023
Wilkens, Lynne R University of Hawaii at Manoa Traditional and New Dietary Assessment Methods (TANDAM) for Personalized Nutrition 3U24CA268228-02S1 440900 2023
Yetisgen, Meliha University of Washington Extraction of Symptom Burden From Clinical Narratives of Cancer Patients Using Natural Language Processing 3R21CA258242-01S1 274482 2022

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