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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Berkman, Elliot Todd University of Oregon Construal Level as a Novel Pathway for Affect Regulation and Cancer Control 3R01CA240452-03S1 92788 2022
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester The Lymphoma Epidemiology of Outcomes (LEO) Cohort Study (SUPPLEMENT) 3U01CA195568-07S1 195572 2022
Cummings, Kenneth Michael Medical University of South Carolina Predicting and Understanding the Use of Nicotine Products in a Rapidly Evolving Nicotine Marketplace: the International Nicotine Product, Policy, and Market (INPAM) Study 3P01CA200512-07S1 105535 2022
De Smith, Adam University of Southern California Understanding the Increased Risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Latinos 3R01CA262263-01A1S1 132240 2022
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival: an Integrative Approach 3R01CA243188-03S2 199995 2022
Du, Mengmeng Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Collecting Whole Genome Sequence Data to Enhance the Value of the First Multi-Center Study of Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors and Biology in Nigeria 3R01CA246620-03S2 195604 2022
Dubowitz, Tamara Rand Corporation Urban Revitalization and Long-Term Effects on Diet, Economic, and Health Outcomes 3R01CA149105-10S1 196619 2021
Fang, Carolyn Y Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Evidence-Based Approach to Empower Asian American Women in Cervical Cancer Screening 3R01CA248655-03S1 425750 2022
Gao, Guimin University of Chicago Transcriptome-Wide Association Studies for Alzheimer’s Disease Integrating Rna Splicing and Gene Expression From Multiple Tissues 3R01CA242929-04S1 249950 2022
Guo, Xingyi Vanderbilt University Medical Center Transcriptome-Wide Association Study to Identify Susceptibility Genes for Colorectal Cancer 3R37CA227130-05S1 125000 2022
Hughes, Amy E UT Southwestern Medical Center Prospr Metrics Cisnet Collaboration Investigating Impact of Structural Racism/Discrimination on Cervical Screening Moonshot Supplement 3UM1CA221940-05S1 312499 2022
Jenkins, Robert B. Mayo Clinic Rochester Understanding the Interactions Between Germline and Somatic Alterations in the Pathogenesis of Gliomas 3R01CA230712-05S1 200000 2022
Kaphingst, Kimberly A University of Utah Leveraging an Electronic Medical Record Infrastructure to Identify Primary Care Patients Eligible for Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer and Evaluate Novel Cancer Genetics Service Delivery Models 3U01CA232826-05S1 104853 2022
Kendzor, Darla Elizabeth University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Characterizing Cannabis Use and Its Impact on Smoking Cessation Among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Adults Participating in Smoking Cessation Treatment 3R01CA251451-02S1 49992 2022
Kim, Jane Jooyun Harvard School of Public Health Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies: Uspstf Supplement 3U01CA253912-03S3 382146 2022
Kim, Jane Jooyun Harvard School of Public Health Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies: Metrics Prospr Supplement Phase 2 3U01CA253912-03S2 312500 2022
Kingham, T Peter Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Mentoring a Nigerian Junior Investigator with a Mixed-Methods Analysis of Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Presentation in Nigeria 3R01CA246620-03S1 124999 2022
Lacey, James V Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope A More Perfect Union: Leveraging Clinically Deployed Models and Cancer Epidemiology Cohort Data to Improve Ai/Ml Readiness of NIH-Supported Population Sciences Resources 3U01CA199277-08S2 348657 2022
Lacey, James V Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Genome-Wide Genotyping of Existing Samples in the California Teachers Study Cohort From Under-Represented Racial & Ethnic Minority Groups to Facilitate Broad and Open Future Research 3U01CA199277-08S1 199998 2022
Li, Shuzhao Jackson Laboratory Mummichog 3, Aligning Mass Spectrometry Data to Biological Networks - Neutral Loss 3U01CA235493-04S2 110203 2021
Long, Jirong Vanderbilt University Medical Center DNA Methylation Markers, Genes and Breast Cancer Risk 3R01CA247987-02S1 124999 2022
Loo, Lenora Wm University of Hawaii at Manoa The Role of 27-Hydroxycholesterol in Breast Cancer: a Population-Based Multiethnic Study 3R01CA229815-04S1 395275 2022
Mazanec, Susan Case Western Reserve University Stakeholder Perspectives on Family Caregiver Involvement in Oncology Clinical Trial Decision-Making 3R37CA240707-04S1 161000 2022
Mcclure, Erin A Medical University of South Carolina Determining the Impact of Cannabis Use and Severity on Tobacco Cessation Outcomes: a Prospective Tobacco Treatment Trial 3R37CA237245-04S1 75500 2022
Mccormack, Valerie International Agency for Res on Cancer African Breast Cancer - Disparities in Outcomes - Plus (Abc-Do Plus): Ghana Mentoring Supplement 3R01CA244559-03S1 124378 2022
Nahum-Shani, Inbal University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Novel Use of Mhealth Data to Identify States of Vulnerability and Receptivity to Jitais Supplement 3U01CA229437-04S1 100000 2022
Nathanson, Katherine L. University of Pennsylvania Randomized Trial of Universal Vs. Guideline-Directed Germline Testing Among Young Adults with Cancer 3U01CA232836-01A1S1 143595 2022
Pekmezi, Dorothy W University of Alabama at Birmingham Testing Scalable, Ivr-Supported Cancer Prevention Interventions for Sgm in the Rural Alabama Black Belt 3R01CA233550-04S1 99825 2022
Phillips, Siobhan Marie Northwestern University at Chicago Advancing Understanding and Implementation of Digital Mindfulness Applications in Colombian Cancer Care 3R01CA262357-02S1 202748 2022
Pinto, Bernardine M University of South Carolina at Columbia Peer Coaching for Physical Activity Promotion Among Breast Cancer Survivors: Adapting an Efficacious Intervention to Prepare for Implementation 3R01CA242745-02S1 141688 2022
Popova, Lyudmila Georgia State University Communicating About Nicotine Tobacco Product Standard in Cigar Products 3R01CA239308-03S1 52572 2021
Ross, Michael W University of Minnesota Early Oropharyngeal Cancer and Screening in Gay and Bisexual Men 3R01CA253244-03S1 200000 2022
Savova, Guergana K. Boston Children's Hospital Natural Language Processing Platform for Cancer Surveillance 3UH3CA243120-04S1 75000 2022
Savova, Guergana K. Boston Children's Hospital Cancer Deep Phenotyping From Electronic Medical Records 3U24CA248010-02S1 188571 2022
Spector, Logan G. University of Minnesota Sex and Racial/Ethnic Differences in B-All Genomics 3R01CA239701-01A1S2 155000 2022
Spector, Logan G. University of Minnesota Admixture Analysis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in African American Children: the Admiral Study 3R01CA239701-01A1S3 197648 2022
Spruijt-Metz, Donna D University of Southern California Operationalizing Behavioral Theory for Mhealth: Dynamics, Context, and Personalization 3U01CA229445-04S1 100000 2022
Trentham-Dietz, Amy University of Wisconsin-Madison Comparative Modeling of Precision Breast Cancer Control Across the Translational Continuum - Supplement 3U01CA253911-03S2 34980 2022
Vachon, Celine M Mayo Clinic Rochester Impact of Genetic Susceptibility Along the Continuum From Mgus to Mm (SUPPLEMENT) 3U01CA271014-01S1 199983 2022
Waldron, Levi David Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy Cancer Genomics: Integrative and Scalable Solutions in R/Bioconductor 3U24CA180996-10S1 318602 2022
Wangensteen, Kirk J Mayo Clinic Rochester Hereditary Genetics of Hepatocellular Carcinoma 3R01CA259201-02S2 200000 2022
Yetisgen, Meliha University of Washington Extraction of Symptom Burden From Clinical Narratives of Cancer Patients Using Natural Language Processing 3R21CA258242-01S1 274482 2022

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