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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Ambrosone, Christine B. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Relationships Between Parity, Breastfeeding and Er Breast Cancer in African American Women: Elucidating the Biologic Underpinnings at the Molecular and Cellular Level. 5R01CA225947-05 543871 2023
Barocas, Daniel A Vanderbilt University Medical Center 10-Year Comparative Effectiveness and Harms of Treatments for Prostate Cancer 5R01CA230352-04 606437 2022
Bondy, Melissa L. Stanford University Characterizing Germline and Somatic Alterations By Glioma Subtypes and Clinical Outcome 5R01CA232754-04 1498836 2022
Brash, Douglas E Yale University Using Clonal and Non-Clonal Uv Signature Mutations to Predict Skin Cancer Risk 5R01CA240602-04 466878 2022
Callison, Kevin Tulane University of Louisiana Paid Sick Leave Mandates and Cancer Prevention 5R01CA237888-04 267732 2022
Carey, Lisa A Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Optimizing Her2-Targeting Using Rna and DNA-Based Predictive Algorithms 5R01CA229409-04 485168 2022
Chen, Jinbo University of Pennsylvania Data and Information Integration for Risk Prediction in the Era of Big Data 5R01CA236468-04 395357 2022
Cook-Deegan, Robert Mullan Arizona State University-Tempe Campus The Sulston Project: Making the Knowledge Commons for Interpreting Cancer Genomic Variants More Effective 5R01CA237118-04 532242 2022
Fuemmeler, Bernard F Virginia Commonwealth University Clarifying the Role of Tobacco Retail Outlets on Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Child Secondhand Smoke Exposure 5R01CA239595-04 444329 2022
Furberg-Barnes, Anna Helena Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Body Composition and the Obesity Paradox in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma 5R01CA233885-04 632341 2022
Harper, Felicity Wayne State University African American Resilience in Surviving Cancer 5R01CA232514-04 611223 2022
Hsu, Li Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Statistical Methods for Analysis of Tumor Heterogeneity in Genetic Epidemiology 5R01CA189532-09 483940 2022
Huang, Yijian Emory University Statistical Methods for Cancer Detection Using Biomarkers 5R01CA230268-04 305862 2022
Kesler, Shelli R University of Texas at Austin Predicting Long-Term Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Impairment 5R01CA226080-04 535294 2022
Leventhal, Adam Matthew University of Southern California Vaping Nicotine and Cannabis Across Adolescence and Young Adulthood 3R01CA229617-04S1 110164 2022
Leventhal, Adam Matthew University of Southern California Vaping Nicotine and Cannabis Across Adolescence and Young Adulthood 5R01CA229617-04 743654 2022
Loo, Lenora Wm University of Hawaii at Manoa The Role of 27-Hydroxycholesterol in Breast Cancer: a Population-Based Multiethnic Study 5R01CA229815-04 580411 2022
Milam, Joel E University of California-Irvine Project Milestones: Young Adult Cancer Survivorship 5R01CA237230-03 452314 2022
Nichols, Hazel B Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes After Cancer 5R01CA211093-04 445880 2022
Palmer, Julie R Boston University Medical Campus Improving Breast Cancer Risk Prediction for African American Women: Consideration of Estrogen Receptor Subtype-Specific Risk Factors 5R01CA228357-04 254238 2022
Scheurer, Michael E Baylor College of Medicine Molecular Epidemiology of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Evaluating the Impact of Smad6 and Genetic Ancestry on Disease Risk 5R01CA233719-04 590439 2022
Slager, Susan L Mayo Clinic Rochester Integration of Germline and Tumor Genomes in Cll 5R01CA235026-05 571429 2023
Wallace, Kristin Medical University of South Carolina The Immune Contexture of Colorectal Adenomas and Serrated Polyps 5R01CA226086-05 591060 2022
Wang, Liang H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Functional Characterization of Prostate Cancer Risk Loci By High Throughput Sequencing 5R01CA250018-03 366164 2022
Wang, Wenyi University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Statistical Methods and Tools for Cancer Risk Prediction in Families with Germline Mutations in Tp53 5R01CA239342-04 351518 2022
Ward, Kevin C Emory University Registering Cancer Recurrences in the Georgia Cancer Registry 5R01CA234538-04 631169 2022
Yao, Song Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Somatic Mutations and Their Etiological Determinants for Breast Cancer in African American Women 5R01CA228156-04 1271461 2022
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Integrating Genomic and Transcriptomic Data to Identify Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes 5R01CA235553-04 661923 2022

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