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Fiscal Year: 2011
NCI Division: Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Grants Awarded to: Domestic Institutions
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars
Adami, Hans-Olov Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Gene-environment EBV Interactions in the Etiology of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NP 5R01CA115873-04 $457,872
Aikhionbare, Felix O Morehouse School Of Medicine Mitochondrial Genome Analysis of Epithelial Serous Ovarian Carcinoma 5R03CA150039-02 $70,000
Ambrosone, Christine B Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Epidemiology of Breast Cancer Subtypes in African American Women: a Consortium 1P01CA151135-01A1 $3,798,244
Ambrosone, Christine B. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp DNA Methylation: a Mechanism for Aggressive Breast Cancer in African-American Wom 5R01CA133264-02 $928,333
Ambrosone, Christine B. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Genome-Wide Predictors of Treatment-Related Toxicities 1R01CA139426-01A2 $892,235
Amos, Christopher I. University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung (TRICL) 5U19CA148127-02 $2,612,327
Andersen, Barbara L. Ohio State University Psychosexual Intervention for Gynecologic Cancer Patients 1R21CA149675-01A1 $199,013
Andersen, Peter Alex San Diego State University Comprehensive Sun Protection in Recreation: An Advanced Go Sun Smart Program 1R01CA152411-01A1 $574,433
Anderson, Roger T Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr Patterns of Patient Care in Appalachia 5R01CA140335-02 $431,378
Andrews, Judy A Oregon Research Institute Intranet-Based Tobacco Prevention Program for Children 5R01CA098555-08 $179,734
Aplenc, Richard Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Genetic Predictors of AML Treatment Response 5R01CA133881-02 $572,691
Arikawa, Andrea Y. University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Exercise effects on melatonin and sleep in young women 5R21CA137242-02 $196,895
Armstrong, Gregory St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital Long-term Treatment Related CNS Injury in Survivors of Childhood Cancer 5R21CA138988-02 $178,725
Armstrong, Katrina University Of Pennsylvania Penn Center for Innovation in Personalized Breast Screening 1U54CA163313-01 $1,471,443
Arndt, Jamie University Of Missouri-Columbia Impact of Mortality Concerns on Cancer Risk Behavior 5R01CA096581-08 $253,019
Arredondo, Elva M San Diego State University Promoting Physical Activity in Churchgoing Latinas 5R01CA138894-02 $583,865
Audrain-Mcgovern, Janet E University Of Pennsylvania The Protective Effects of Physical Activity on Adolescent Smoking Progression 5R01CA126958-04 $601,002
Ayala, Guadalupe X San Diego State University El Valor de Nuestra Salud (The Value of Our Health) 5R01CA140326-02 $566,381
Badger, Terry A American Psychosocial Oncology Society American Psychosocial Oncology Society Annual Conference: Integrating Psychosocia 5R13CA138133-03 $20,000
Baladandayuthapani, Veerabhadran University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Integrative methods for high-dimensional genomics data 1R01CA160736-01 $327,850
Bale, Allen Everett Yale University Genetic epidemiology of early-onset basal cell carcinoma 5R03CA143955-02 $80,268
Banerjee, Deborah Houston Department/Health/Human Srvs Neighborhood Effects on Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Stage of Diagnosis 5R03CA137802-02 $59,869
Bartolomei, Marisa S. Gordon Research Conferences 2011 Epigenetics Gordon Research Conference 1R13CA162220-01 $21,000
Basu, Anirban University Of Washington Instrumental Variable Methods for Censored Cost Data and an Application in Prosta 1R01CA155329-01 $456,707
Basu, Sanjib Northern Illinois University Lung Cancer Recurrence and Survival: Statistical Methods and Models for Ethnic an 1R15CA152896-01A1 $349,428
Bechara, Antoine University Of Southern California Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Decisions and Impulse Control in Nutrition Behavior 1R01CA152062-01A1 $402,151
Becker, Mark W. Michigan State University Evaluating Human Processing of Front of Pack Nutritional Labels 1R21CA155818-01A1 $163,290
Beebe, Timothy Mayo Clinic Improving the Accuracy of Self-reported Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R21CA137192-03 $171,033
Befort, Christie University Of Kansas Medical Center Group Phone-based Weight Control among Rural Breast Cancer Survivors 1R01CA155014-01A1 $602,708
Bernstein, Jonine Lisa Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Genome-Wide Association Study of Radiation Exposure and Bilateral Breast Cancer 5R01CA129639-03 $3,057,405
Bernstein, Leslie City Of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Breast and Other Cancers in the California Teachers Cohort 5R01CA077398-13 $2,524,331
Bernstein, Steven L. Yale University Treating Low-Income Smokers in the Hospital Emergency Department 5R01CA141479-02 $638,694
Bessler, Monica Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Molecular Studies of Bone Marrow Failure 7R01CA105312-06 $584,050
Bhatia, Smita City Of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Role of Genetic Susceptibility in Therapy-related Subsequent Malignancies 5R01CA139633-02 $630,540
Bickell, Nina A Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Implementing a Tracking & Feedback Registry to Allay Cancer Therapy Disparities 5R01CA149025-02 $669,621
Bickell, Nina A Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Racial Disparities, Survival & Secondary Debulking for Ovarian Cancer 1R01CA157176-01 $528,302
Biener, Lois Barbara University Of Massachusetts Boston Receptivity to new smokeless tobacco products among test market populations 5R01CA151384-02 $595,490
Bierut, Laura Jean Washington University The Collaborative Genetic Study of Nicotine Dependence 5P01CA089392-09 $1,476,517
Birmann, Brenda M Brigham And Women'S Hospital A prospective analysis of peripheral blood cytokines and non-Hodgkin lymphoma 1R01CA149445-01A1 $617,616
Biro, Frank M Children'S Hospital Medical Center Cinci Continued studies of environment impact on puberty 5U01ES019453-02 $794,959
Blalock, Janice Anita University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Intensive Smoking Cessation Invervention for Head and Neck Cancer Patients 5R01CA120153-03 $56,030
Blot, William J. Vanderbilt University Southern Community Cohort Study 2R01CA092447-10 $4,958,531
Boardman, Lisa Allyn Mayo Clinic Telomere length, telomere maintenance genes and cancer risk 5R01CA132718-04 $528,540
Bober, Sharon L. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute The High Cost of Risk Reduction: Addressing Sexual Dysfunction after Oophorectomy 1R03CA153815-01A1 $87,500
Bock, Beth C Miriam Hospital System-based Tracking and Treatment for Emergency Patients who Smoke: STTEPS 1R01CA156699-01A1 $533,954
Bodurtha, Joann Norma Virginia Commonwealth University Enabling family communication about cancer - Do you know your Kin Facts? 5R01CA140959-03 $296,976
Boehmer, Ulrike Boston University Medical Campus Cancer Disparities in California 5R03CA153063-02 $78,813
Boggs, Deborah A. Boston University Medical Campus Bilateral oophorectomy and cancer risk and mortality in African American women 1R03CA162103-01 $61,516
Boice, John Dunning Vanderbilt University Cancer Mortality among Military Participants at U.S. Nuclear Weapons Tests 5U01CA137026-02 $722,003
Bondy, Melissa L University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr International Case Control Study of Malignant Glioma 5R01CA139020-02 $3,962,501

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