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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Topic Cancer-Related Infectious Diseases
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Adami, Hans-Olov Harvard School of Public Health Gene-Environment EBV Interactions in the Etiology of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (Np 5R01CA115873-06 $412,611 2013
Ahn, Jiyoung New York University School of Medicine Gut Microbiome Profiles and Risk of Colorectal Cancer 5R03CA159414-02 $79,430 2013
Aplenc, Richard Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Genetic Predictors of Aml Treatment Response 5R01CA133881-04 $522,609 2013
Birmann, Brenda M Brigham and Women's Hospital A Prospective Analysis of Peripheral Blood Cytokines and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 5R01CA149445-03 $560,228 2013
Blot, William J. Vanderbilt University Southern Community Cohort Study 5R01CA092447-12 $3,702,887 2013
Boffetta, Paolo Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Biomarkers of Polyoma Virus Infection and Lung Cancer Among Non-Smokers 1UH2CA169111-01A1 $216,745 2013
Burk, Robert D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Prospective Oral HPV and Risk of Head and Neck Cancers 5R21CA152785-02 $181,341 2012
Burk, Robert D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Persistent HPV in Women at Risk for Cervix Cancer 5U01CA078527-15 $567,757 2012
Correa, Pelayo None Vanderbilt University Etiological Studies of Gastric Carcinoma 5P01CA028842-28 $961,747 2013
Epplein, Meira Vanderbilt University Helicobacter Pylori Blood Biomarker for Gastric Cancer Risk in East Asia 1R01CA174853-01A1 $403,681 2013
Fitzgerald, Daniel W Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Natural History and Pathogenesis of HPV/HIV CO-Infection in Haiti 5R01CA142422-03 $340,155 2012
Giuliano, Anna R H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Natural History of HPV Infection in Men: the Him Study 5R01CA098803-09 $1,783,975 2013
Giuliano, Anna R. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Cutaneous Human Papillomavirus Infection and Risk of Incident External Genital Le 1R03CA176743-01A1 $84,250 2013
Hagensee, Michael Edward Lsu Health Sciences Center Interaction of EBV and HPV in the Development of Cervical Dysplasia in Hiv+ Women 5R01CA121979-05 $351,669 2012
Keku, Temitope O. Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Intestinal Microbiota, Diet and Risk of Colorectal Adenomas 5R01CA136887-05 $280,014 2013
Kelsey, Karl Timothy Brown University Patterns of Somatic Gene Alterations in Oral Cancer 5R01CA100679-09 $314,607 2012
Kelsey, Karl Timothy Brown University The Epidemiology of Molecular Alterations in Mesothelioma 5R01CA126939-05 $470,931 2012
Lee, Yuan Chin Amy University of Utah Head and Neck Cancer Risk Prediction Model 5R21CA158848-02 $182,983 2013
Michaud, Dominique S Brown University Microbiomes in Human Pancreatic Cancer 1R01CA166150-01A1 $713,133 2013
Morgan, Douglas Vanderbilt University H. Pylori Ancestral Haplotype a Gastric Cancer Risk Determinant in Latin America 1R03CA167773-01A1 $78,000 2013
Moscicki, Anna-Barbara University of California, San Francisco Natural History of HPV Infection to Neoplasia 5R37CA051323-24 $1,399,693 2013
O'Keefe, Stephen Jd University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Diet and Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk in African Americans and Rural Africans 5R01CA135379-04 $468,686 2012
Risch, Harvey A Yale University Case Control Study of Pancreas Cancer in Shanghai, China 5R01CA114421-06 $498,023 2012
Rozek, Laura University of Michigan Integrative Epigenomic/Genomic Profiling and Biomarker Discovery in Hpv+ and HPV 5R01CA158286-03 $436,873 2013
Salyakina, Daria University of Miami Coral Gables Identification of Novel Viruses Associated with Malignant Diseases 1R03CA171052-01A1 $69,816 2013