Grant Status Active
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Topic Cancer Epidemiology Consortia
Cancer Type Multiple Cancers
Consortium Cohort Consortium
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PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Anderson, Garnet L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Women's Health Initiative Cancer Survivor Cohort 5UM1CA173642-02 $2,232,714 2014
Bernstein, Leslie City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Breast and Other Cancers in the California Teachers Cohort 5R01CA077398-15 $2,365,386 2013
Brennan, Paul Joseph International Agency for Res on Cancer One-Carbon Metabolism Biomarkers and Lung Cancer Risk 4U01CA155340-03 $673,248 2013
Haile, Robert William Stanford University Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort 5UM1CA167551-02 $2,216,188 2014
John, Esther M Cancer Prevention Instit of California Breast Cancer Family Registry Cohort 5UM1CA164920-02 $2,258,395 2013
Lacey, James Vincent City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute New Biospecimens to Enhance Research in the California Teachers Study Cohort 5UM1CA164917-02 $2,449,126 2013
Lazovich, Deann University of Minnesota Epidemiology of Cancer in a Cohort of Older Women 5R01CA039742-30 $425,846 2014
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Understanding Ethnic Differences in Cancer: the Multiethnic Cohort Study 5UM1CA164973-02 $3,622,463 2013
Platz, Elizabeth A. Johns Hopkins University Enhancing Aric Infrastructure to Yield a New Cancer Epidemiology Cohort 5U01CA164975-03 $236,053 2014
Rosenberg, Lynn Boston University Medical Campus A Follow-Up Study for Causes of Cancer in Black Women 5UM1CA164974-02 $2,686,982 2013
Scelo, Ghislaine International Agency for Res on Cancer Pooled Genome-Wide Analysis of Kidney Cancer Risk 4U01CA155309-03 $932,434 2013
Shu, Xiao-Ou Vanderbilt University Shanghai Men's Health Study 1UM1CA173640-01A1 $970,385 2013
Smith-Warner, Stephanie A Harvard School of Public Health Circulating Vitamin D Levels and Risk of Breast and Colorectal Cancer: a Pooled a 5R01CA152071-03 $224,882 2012
Stampfer, Meir Brigham and Women's Hospital Dietary and Hormonal Determinants of Cancer in Women 5P01CA087969-15 $4,715,223 2014
Willett, Walter C Harvard School of Public Health Life Course Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Women 1UM1CA176726-01 $3,545,872 2013
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Male Health Professionals 5UM1CA167552-02 $2,188,807 2013