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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Adler, Shelley R Univ of California at San Francisco Womens Cancer Treatment Choices By Cohort and Ethnicity 5R29CA064634-05 $89,848 1999
Ahern, David K Abacus Group Interactive Technologies to Modify Cancer Risk Behaviors 5R44CA088095-04 $501,773 2003
Albrecht, Terrance L. Wayne State University Effects of Physician Communication on Patient Accrual 7R01CA075003-03 $375,965 2003
Albrecht, Terrance L. Wayne State University Improving Clinical System Communication to Increase Trial Offers to Cancer Patien 5R21CA139369-02 $200,640 2010
Allen, Roberta M Im Systems Skin Cancer and Youth: an Undeclared Epidemic 5R44CA074657-03 $240,552 2002
Anderson, Jennifer E Colorado State University-Fort Collins Improving Nutrition and Cancer Risk Among Hispanics 1R25CA088093-01 $100,000 2000
Anderson, Michael Health Media Lab, Inc. Children's Multimedia Nutrition Simulation Software 5R44CA078092-03 $385,760 2000
Anderson, Michael Health Media Lab, Inc. Cancer Mystery-Forensic Science on Cdrom 5R44CA067710-03 $371,600 1998
Anderson, Ruth Talaria, Inc. Pain Assessment Via Role-Play Internet Simulation 5R44CA084898-03 $316,970 2003
Angell, Karyn L Mpower Llc Interactive Cd-Rom for Coping with Breast Cancer 5R44CA097701-04 $90,243 2007
Angell, Karyn L Mpower Llc Spanish Cd-Rom for Underserved Women with Breast Cancer 1R43CA108246-01 $143,271 2004
Ayala, Guadalupe X San Diego State University Marketing Health to Latinos Through Tiendas 5R21CA120929-02 $165,488 2007
Bass, Sarah B Temple University Use of Internet Health Information By Cancer Patients 1R03CA090145-01 $63,359 2001
Botvin, Elizabeth M National Health Promotion Associates Elementary School Smoking Prevention Program 5R44CA064023-03 $336,099 1998
Brink, Susan G Healthmark Multimedia, Llc Interactive Prostate Cancer Decision Support System 5R44CA075801-03 $194,411 2000
Brink, Susan G Healthmark Multimedia, Llc Interactive Prostate Cancer Decision Support System 3R44CA075801-03S1 $24,500 2002
Back, Anthony L University of Washington Oncologist Communication Skills Intervention Assessment 5R21CA122303-02 $168,803 2009
Badger, Terry A University of Arizona Telephone Counseling: Men W/Prostate CA & Partners 5R21CA113409-02 $109,557 2007
Bakken, Suzanne Columbia University Health Sciences Improving Use of Cis in the Underserved Through Mobile Access & Decision Support 5R21CA126325-02 $158,350 2007
Basch, Charles E Columbia University Teachers College Tailored Communications for Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R01CA081932-04 $437,497 2003
Beach, Wayne A San Diego State University Communication Between Cancer Patients and Oncologists 5R21CA122472-02 $150,376 2008
Becker, Mark W. Michigan State University Evaluating Human Processing of Front of Pack Nutritional Labels 5R21CA155818-02 $202,061 2012
Bettinghaus, Erwin P Klein Buendel, Inc. Media Influences on Cancer Risk Perceptions 5R01CA109649-04 $311,010 2006
Billings, Deborah L South Carolina Hispanic/Latino Hlth Coal SUBAWARD: the Hispanic Health Research Network: Enhancing Practice-Based Researc 5R03CA139626-02 $17,733 2009
Birney, Amelia J Healthmark Multimedia, Llc Sun Safety: Skin Cancer Education for Family Child Care 5R44CA081947-03 $337,422 2002