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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Albright, Cheryl Lynn University of Hawaii at Manoa Physical Activity in Women with Infants 5R01CA115614-04 $448,125 2010
Allensworth-Davies, Donald Boston University Medical Campus Assessing Localized Prostate Cancer Post-Treatment Outcomes Among Gay Men 5R03CA136114-02 $81,250 2010
Allicock, Marlyn A Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill A Web-Based Tailored Health Behavior Intervention for African American Colon Canc 5R03CA138118-02 $74,000 2010
Anderson, Cheryl B Baylor College of Medicine Prevention Through Physical Activity-Parental Influence 5R03CA090185-02 $75,000 2002
Anderson, Cheryl Braselton Baylor College of Medicine Transitions in Physical Activity During Adolescence 5R01CA098662-04 $285,104 2006
Anderson, Michael Health Media Lab, Inc. Hispanic Family Medical Information Telephone Helpline 5R44CA066496-03 $375,500 1998
Appelhans, Bradley M. Rush University Medical Center Neurobehavioral Predictors of Diet Adherence 7R03CA139857-02 $75,000 2010
Arab, Lenore University of California Los Angeles Validation of Web-Based Multimedia Dietary Assessment Tools 5R01CA105048-05 $313,716 2010
Arredondo, Elva M San Diego State University Promoting Physical Activity in Church Going Latinas 5R21CA122471-02 $137,906 2007
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Prop Sensitivity and Obesity Among Ethnic Children 5R01CA116766-04 $391,200 2008
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Active Video Games and Sustainable Physical Activity 5R21CA140670-02 $150,700 2010
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Gimme 5-Interactive Multimedia Education (G5-Imme) 7R01CA075614-04 $477,734 1999
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Home Fruit,juice and Vegetable Availability 5R21CA092045-02 $145,800 2002
Basen-Engquist, Karen M University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Social Cognitive Theory and PA After Endometrial Cancer 5R01CA109919-05 $364,267 2008
Bennett, Jill A Oregon Health & Science University Exercise Choice to Prevent Cancer in Rural Adults 5R03CA113135-02 $75,500 2005
Beresford, Shirley A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Worksite Program to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake 5R01CA059731-08 $902,742 2002
Beresford, Shirley Aa Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Enhancing Long-Term 5-a-Day Behavior Change in Worksites 5R01CA105835-05 $569,532 2008
Berger, Nathan A. Case Western Reserve University Aacr-TREC-NIH Think Tank Conference: Energy Balance and Cancer; Mechanisms and Me 1R13CA134016-01 $10,000 2008
Bhargava, Alok University of Houston Behavioral Factors and Dietary Change in Whtfsmp 5R03CA097738-02 $74,250 2003
Birnbaum, Amanda S Montclair State University Involving Adolescents in Physical Activity Promotion 7R21CA109846-02 $126,733 2005
Bishop, Donald B Minnesota State Dept of Health 5 a Day Preschool Power Plus Program 5R01CA059805-13 $518,770 2006
Boles, Myde Multnomah County Health Department Impact of School Policy on Risk Factors for Youth Obesity 5R03CA129964-02 $54,315 2008
Bowen, Deborah J. Boston University Medical Campus Implementing Health Promotion Activities in Native Employers 5R21CA124394-03 $298,217 2008
Bowen, Deborah J. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Communication Intervention with Melanoma Families 5R01CA107430-04 $562,073 2007
Brandon, Jeffrey E New Mexico State University Las Cruces Making Connections/Conexiones on Health Disparities 1R13CA097326-01 $30,330 2002
Briley, Margaret E University of Texas, Austin Increasing Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains in Preschool Sack Lunches 5R21CA123140-02 $167,884 2009
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Cancer Control Dissemination Research Among State-Level Policy Makers 5R01CA124404-05 $469,557 2011
Bryan, Angela D University of Colorado Developing Endophenotypes for Responses to Exercise 5R03CA097870-02 $74,188 2004
Buchwald, Dedra S University of Washington Randomized Trial of Workplace Interventions to Improve Health of Alaska Natives 5R01CA126620-05 $303,446 2011
Buller, David B Cooper Institute DISSEMINATION: Increasing Physical Activity 1R13CA110755-01 $12,000 2004
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Diffusing Sun Safe Policies and Environments to Schools 5R01CA100285-06 $755,068 2008
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Disseminating Go Sun Smart to a Recreation Industry 5R01CA104876-05 $234,009 2007
Buller, David B. Cooper Institute Sunny Days Healthy Ways Grades 6-8 Sun Safety Curriculum 7R01CA079701-05 $325,790 2001
Buller, David B. Cooper Institute Sunny Days Healthy Ways Grades 6-8 Sun Safety Curriculum 3R01CA079701-05S1 $142,222 2002
Buller, David B. Cooper Institute Sun Safety for High Altitude Ski Area Staff and Guests 7R01CA081028-04 $496,879 2002
Bylund, Carma L Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Enhancing Informed Consent in Cancer Clinical Trials;development and Evaluation O 5R03CA130598-02 $93,500 2008
Cullen, Karen Weber University of Texas MD Anderson Can Ctr Goal Setting for Health Behavior Change Among Children 1R03CA079413-01 $75,494 1998
Cadmusbertram, Lisa Anne University of California San Diego Using Technology to Promote Activity in Women at Elevated Breast Cancer Risk 5R03CA168450-02 $72,850 2013
Campbell, Lisa C East Carolina University Prostate Cancer Recovery Enhancement (PROCARE) for African American Men 5R01CA122704-04 $374,175 2010
Cartmel, Brenda Yale University Epidemiology and Genetics of Tanning Addiction 5R21CA155952-02 $180,254 2012
Cartmel, Brenda Yale University Increasing F & V Intake in Head & Neck Cancer Patients 5R01CA074567-04 $108,361 2000
Chang, Chih-Hung Northwestern University at Chicago Novel Pain Assessment/Ntervention Network (NOPAIN)(RMI) 5R21CA113191-02 $74,250 2005
Chang, Shine University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Future Directions in Caner Prevention & Control: Workforce Implications for Train 1R13CA142015-01 $10,000 2010
Cho, Hyunyi Purdue University Effects of Gain Vs. Loss Frame Sun Protection Messages on Rural Indiana Adolescen 5R03CA128483-02 $73,239 2008
Ciccolo, Joseph T Miriam Hospital Resistance Training as an Aid to Standard Smoking Cessation Treatment 5R03CA132475-02 $77,442 2009
Clark, Matthew M Mayo Clinic Body Image Treatment for Weight Concerned Smokers 5R03CA093183-02 $67,369 2002
Clark, Phillip G University of Rhode Island Stage Based Health Promotion with the Elderly 3R01AG016588-04S1 $245,411 2003
Clark, Phillip G University of Rhode Island Stage Based Health Promotion with the Elderly 3R01AG016588-04S2 $228,461 2004
Clark, Phillip G University of Rhode Island Stage Based Health Promotion with the Elderly 5R01AG016588-04 $72,000 2002
Clark, Phillip G University of Rhode Island Maintaining Exercise and Healthy Eating in Older Adults 5R01CA126448-05 $375,494 2010