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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
Branch Tobacco Control Research Branch
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Abrantes, Ana M Butler Hospital (Providence, RI) Aerobic Exercise for Smokers with Depressive Symptomatology 5R01CA173551-02 $539,922 2014
Abroms, Lorien C George Washington University QUIT4BABY: Reaching Pregnant Smokers with Health Information Via Text Messaging 1R15CA167586-01A1 $380,145 2013
Ayers, John W San Diego State University Tobacco Trends: a Real-Time Sentinel for Tobacco Control Evaluations 5R21CA173299-02 $157,703 2014
Barnett, Tracey E University of Florida Developing a Better Assessment of Hookah Use Among Young Adults 5R03CA165766-02 $67,956 2013
Becker, Howard C. Medical University of South Carolina Alcohol Research Center - Treatment and Implications 5P50AA010761-20 $1,147,009 2015
Berg, Carla J Emory University Market Research to Predict Emerging Tobacco Product Use in Diverse Young Adults 5R01CA179422-02 $573,139 2014
Bernat, Debra Univ of Maryland, College Park Behavioral and Environmental Contributors to Tobacco Disparities in Rural Youth 7R03CA168411-02 $85,333 2014
Bernstein, Steven L. Yale University Treating Low-Income Smokers in the Hospital Emergency Department 5R01CA141479-05 $528,133 2014
Bock, Beth C Miriam Hospital System-Based Tracking and Treatment for Emergency Patients Who Smoke: Stteps 5R01CA156699-04 $470,156 2014
Branstetter, Steven A. Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Effect of Price on Consumption of Cigarettes with High and Low Nicotine Content 1R21CA181962-01A1 $189,410 2015
Brewer, Judson A Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Mobile Mindfulness for Smoking Cessation 5R21CA184254-02 $218,588 2015
Bricker, Jonathan B. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Randomized Trial of Web-Delivered Acceptance Therapy for Smoking Cessation 5R01CA166646-03 $662,868 2015
Bricker, Jonathan B. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Smoking Cessation 5R01CA151251-05 $586,179 2014
Brook, Judith S New York University School of Medicine A Longitudinal Study of the Predictors of Smoking in Women in Late Midlife 5R01CA122128-05 $512,023 2012
Brooks, Daniel R Boston University Medical Campus Health Advocates as a Vehicle to Improve Treatment for Smokers in Public Housing 5R01CA141587-05 $509,096 2013
Brunette, Mary Frances Dartmouth College Decision Support for Smoking Cessation in Young Adults with Severe Mental Illness 5R21CA158863-02 $203,944 2013
Brunette, Mary Frances Dartmouth College Rct of a Motivational Decision Support System for Smokers with Smi 5R01CA168778-02 $584,175 2014
Buehler, Stephanie S Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn Real-Time Measurement and Uptake of Carcinogens By Menthol Cigarette Smokers 5R01CA162085-04 $641,731 2014
Calhoun, Patrick S. Duke University Mobile Contingency Management for Smoking Cessation in Returning Us Veterans 1R01CA196304-01A1 $462,258 2015
Carpenter, Matthew J Medical University of South Carolina A Novel Trial of Smokeless Tobacco for Cessation Induction in Unmotivated Smokers 5R01CA154992-05 $25,159 2015
Champagne, Beatriz Marcet Interamerican Heart Foundation, Inc. From Production to Retailing: Policy-Oriented Research on Tobacco Economy in Arge 5R01TW009288-04 $72,750 2014
Champion, Victoria Lee Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Technology-Enhanced Quitline Services to Prevent Smoking Relapse 5R01CA138936-06 $279,075 2014
Choi, Won S University of Kansas Medical Center Web-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Tribal College Students 5R01CA174481-03 $565,964 2015
Clark, Pamela I Univ of Maryland, College Park Rapid Response Characterization of New and Manipulated Tobacco Products 5P50CA180523-02 $3,828,516 2014
Clark, Pamela I Univ of Maryland, College Park Rapid Response Characterization of New and Manipulated Tobacco Products 3P50CA180523-02S1 $185,670 2015