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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Bradbury, Angela R. University of Pennsylvania Virtual Cancer Genetic Services: Telemedicine Delivery in Community Clinics 5R21CA164121-02 $172,994 2013
Bradbury, Angela R. University of Pennsylvania Communicating Genetic Test Results By Telephone: a Randomized Trial 5R01CA160847-03 $640,238 2014
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Disseminating Evidence-Based Interventions to Control Cancer 5R01CA160327-03 $521,112 2014
Cappella, Joseph Nicholas University of Pennsylvania Constructing Recommender Systems for Effective Health Messages: Smoking Cessation 5R01CA160226-04 $193,224 2014
Cho, Hyunyi Purdue University Media Literacy Intervention for Indoor Tanning Prevention 1R01CA176196-01A1 $334,130 2014
Compas, Bruce E Vanderbilt University Parent-Child Communication About Cancer 5R01CA118332-08 $433,272 2015
Costas, Rosario Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Cultural Adaptation of Imcp for Latino Patients with Advanced Cancer 1R21CA180831-01A1 $228,723 2014
Duberstein, Paul R University of Rochester Impact of a Novel Cancer Communication Intervention on Caregiver Bereavement 5R01CA168387-03 $485,770 2015
Eadie, Tanya L University of Washington Communication Outcomes After Head & Neck Cancer 1R01CA177635-01A1 $303,494 2014
Epstein, Ronald M. University of Rochester Rct of Patient, Caregiver and Physician Communication Coaching in Advanced Cancer 5R01CA140419-04 $517,810 2014
Goodman, Melody S Washington University Communication Preferences for Genome Sequencing Results in Breast Cancer Patients 5R01CA168608-03 $230,370 2014
Gordon, Judith S University of Arizona Mobile Application for Guided Imagery to Address Smoking, Diet and Physical Activ 5R21CA174639-02 $149,602 2015
Graham, Amanda L American Legacy Foundation Social Dynamics of Substance Use in Online Social Networks for Smoking Cessation 1R01CA192345-01 $468,382 2014
Hawkins, Robert P University of Wisconsin-Madison Implementing Chess Ehealth Breast Cancer Support in Population-Based Care 5R01CA149005-03 $449,898 2013
Horwitz, Steven Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Communication Skills Intervention to Promote Transition Into Survivorship 5R01CA151899-04 $574,569 2014
Kim, Annice E Research Triangle Institute Using Social Media Data for E-Cigarette Surveillance and Policy Research 1R01CA192240-01 $399,686 2014
Kinney, Anita Y University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr Impact of Remote Familial Risk Assessment and Counseling 7R01CA125194-06 $112,474 2012
Krist, Alexander H Virginia Commonwealth University Implementing Personal Health Records to Promote Evidence-Based Cancer Screening 5R01CA168795-02 $588,534 2014
Lucas, Todd William Wayne State University Culturally Targeted Loss Framed Messaging for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Afri 1R01CA175088-01A1 $355,168 2014
Mcintosh, Scott University of Rochester Web-Assisted Tobacco Intervention with Community College Students 5R01CA152093-04 $515,606 2014
Mcqueen, Amy Washington University Comparing Screener Vs. Survivor Role Models to Improve Colon Cancer Screening 1R21CA187608-01 $199,013 2014
Mcqueen, Amy Washington University Useability Testing of a Web-Based Tool to Help Smokers Select Cessation AIDS 5R03CA175571-02 $76,000 2014
Miller, Lisa Soederberg University of California at Davis Individual and Contextual Factors Supporting Health Communication Via Food Labels 5R01CA159447-03 $397,494 2014
Miller, Suzanne M Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Rct of an Online Multimedia Program to Boost Coping & Function for PCA Survivors 5R01CA158019-04 $646,116 2014
Mullen, Patricia Dolan University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Increasing Reach and Implementation of Evidence Based Programs for Cancer Control 5R01CA163526-03 $527,361 2014
Murphy, Sheila T. University of Southern California Barriers to Cervical Cancer Prevention in Hispanic Women: a Multilevel Approach 5R01CA155326-04 $528,465 2014
Mynatt, Elizabeth Georgia Institute of Technology SCH: Creating Interactive of Models Healthcare Journeys to Improve Patient-C 1R01CA195653-01 $450,322 2014
Napoles, Anna Maria University of California, San Francisco Promoting Post-Treatment Self-Management Among Latinos with Cancer 1R21CA182536-01A1 $206,190 2014
Owen, Jason E Palo Alto Veterans Instit for Research Impact of Social Networking on Dose and Effects of Cancer Survivorship Trials 7R21CA166029-02 $187,875 2013
Patrick, Kevin University of California San Diego CYCORE: Cyberinfrastructure for Cancer Comparative Effectiveness Research 1R01CA177996-01A1 $585,401 2014
Petersen, Gloria M. Mayo Clinic Rochester Disclosing Genomic Incidental Findings in a Cancer Biobank: an ELSI Experiment 5R01CA154517-04 $583,293 2014
Peterson, Susan K University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Sensor-Assisted Prevention of Dehydration in Head and Neck Cancer Patients 5R01CA177914-02 $554,870 2014
Quillin, John M Virginia Commonwealth University Enabling Family Communication About Cancer - Do You Know Your Kin Facts? 5R01CA140959-05 $372,539 2013
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Sexual Health Empowerment for Cervical Health Literacy and Cancer Prevention 1R01CA181047-01A1 $326,075 2014
Ramsey, Scott D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center A Multi-State Study of Cancer Treatment and Outcomes Among American Indians 5R01CA125231-06 $374,097 2012
Sarkar, Urmimala University of California, San Francisco Influencing Cervical Cancer Prevention and Detection Online Through Social Media 1R01CA178875-01A1 $504,210 2014
Schwartz, Marc D Georgetown University Internet Decision Support for BRCA1/Brca2 Carriers 5R01CA135179-05 $355,097 2013
Schwartz, Marc D Georgetown University Genetic Testing for Men From Hereditary Cancer Families 1R21CA185808-01A1 $202,928 2015
Shokar, Navkiran Texas Tech University Health Scis Center Colorectal Cancer Screening: a New Web-Based Decision-Making Strategy for Low-Lit 1R21CA178506-01A1 $183,591 2014
Strecher, Victor J University of Michigan Michigan Center for Health Communications Research II 5P50CA101451-10 $1,492,635 2012
Tourassi, Georgia UT-Battelle, Llc-Oak Ridge National Lab A Cyber-Informatics Approach to Studying Migration and Environmental Cancer Risk 5R01CA170508-03 $380,613 2014
Viera, Anthony J Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Effects of Physical Activity Calorie Expenditure (PACE) Food Labeling 1R01CA184473-01A1 $486,906 2014
Viswanath, Kasisomayajula Dana-Farber Cancer Inst P.l.a.n.e.t. Massconect to Promote Evidence-Based Interventions 5R01CA132651-05 $637,055 2012
Wells, Kristen Jennifer San Diego State University Feasibility of Virtual Agent Cervical Cancer Education for Hispanic Farmworkers 5R21CA167418-03 $138,757 2014
Xie, Bin Claremont Graduate University Family Functioning, Parenting Characteristics and Obesity in Chinese Adolescents 5R03CA172985-02 $64,166 2014