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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Adams-Campbell, Lucile L Georgetown University Exergaming Intervention and Breast Cancer Biomarkers in Black Women 5R21CA165067-02 $194,493 2013
Andersen, Peter Alex San Diego State University Comprehensive Sun Protection in Recreation: an Advanced Go Sun Smart Program 5R01CA152411-04 $510,442 2014
Armstrong, Gregory St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Longitudinal Cardiotoxicity in Adult Survivors Childhood Cancer 5R01CA157838-04 $594,503 2015
Arredondo, Elva M San Diego State University Promoting Physical Activity in Churchgoing Latinas 5R01CA138894-05 $463,430 2014
Ayala, Guadalupe X San Diego State University El Valor DE Nuestra Salud (the Value of Our Health) 5R01CA140326-05 $530,001 2014
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine The Narrative Impact of Active Video Games on Physical Activity 7R21CA158917-02 $124,425 2013
Bechara, Antoine University of Southern California Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Decisions and Impulse Control in Nutrition Behavior 5R01CA152062-04 $365,329 2014
Befort, Christie University of Kansas Medical Center Group Phone-Based Weight Control Among Rural Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA155014-04 $551,562 2014
Bower, Julienne E University of California Los Angeles Biobehavioral Predictors of Fatigue in Newly-Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients 5R01CA160427-03 $598,630 2014
Bryan, Angela D University of Colorado (Pqa-5) DNA Methylation and Cancer Prevention: Duration and Intensity of Exercise 5R01CA179963-02 $514,066 2014
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Sun Safe Workplaces: a Campaign on Sun Protection Policies for Outdoor Workers 5R01CA134705-06 $294,215 2014
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Sun Safe Workplaces: Assessment of Benefits and Costs of a Policy Intervention 1R01CA187191-01 $690,676 2014
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Norms and Built Environment: Use of Shade in U.S. and Australian City Parks 5R01CA140367-05 $529,604 2014
Chaloupka, Frank Joseph University of Illinois at Chicago Monitoring and Assessing the Impact of Tax and Price Policies on Us Tobacco Use 5U01CA154248-04 $1,274,314 2014
Chan, June Ml University of California, San Francisco Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Genomic Signatures of Prostate Cancer Prognosis 1R01CA181802-01 $662,769 2014
Cockburn, Myles G University of Southern California An Innovative, Curriculum-Based Integrated Sun Exposure Behavior Intervention for 5R01CA158407-03 $665,619 2014
Colditz, Graham A. Washington University A Multilevel Approach to Energy Balance and Cancer Across the Lifecourse 5U54CA155496-04 $1,660,228 2014
Coups, Elliot J Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey An Internet-Based Behavioral Intervention for Individuals Diagnosed with Melanoma 1R01CA171666-01A1 $507,030 2014
Crane, Lori A University of Colorado Denver Risk Factors for Nevus Development in Children 5R01CA074592-13 $494,961 2014
Davis, Nichola J New York City Health & Hospitals Corp Improving the Impact of Calorie Labeling Policies 5R21CA164818-02 $154,207 2013
De Araujo, Ivan E. John B. Pierce Laboratory, Inc. (PQA3) the Gut-Brain Axis: a Novel Target for Treating Behavioral Alterations in 5R01CA180030-02 $687,101 2014
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Vegetable Garden Feasibility Trial to Promote Function in Older Cancer Survivors 5R21CA182508-02 $158,646 2015
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Exploring Effects of Weight Loss on Ductal Carcinoma in Situ 1R21CA178359-01A1 $159,863 2014
Emery, Sherry L University of Illinois at Chicago Tobacco Control in a Rapidly Changing Media Environment 5U01CA154254-04 $1,349,635 2014
Epstein, Leonard H State University of New York at Buffalo The Influence of Pricing and Nutrient Profiling on Food Purchases 5R01CA167091-03 $517,451 2014
Farrelly, Matthew C Research Triangle Institute Coordinating Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Control Research and Practice 5U01CA154241-04 $529,636 2014
Flocke, Susan A Case Western Reserve University Enhancing Teachable Moment Communication for Smoking Cessation and Weight Managem 5R01CA105292-09 $503,507 2013
Ford, Kentya University of Texas, Austin Behaviors Related to Cancer Risk Among African-American College Students 5R03CA171835-02 $77,137 2014
Gans, Kim M. Brown University Innovative Approaches to Increase F&v Intake Thru Worksites: the Fresh Initiative 5R01CA133396-06 $251,820 2014
Gans, Kim M. Brown University Fresh to You: Multilevel Approaches in Low Income Housing to Increase F&v Intake 5R01CA134903-06 $225,942 2014
Gorman-Smith, Deborah Society for Prevention Research, Inc. Society for Prevention Research Annual Meetings, 2012-2016 5R13DA033149-03 $10,000 2014
Hannon, Margaret A University of Washington Increasing Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions at Low-Wage Worksites 5R01CA160217-03 $445,967 2014
Hay, Jennifer L Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Personalized Genomic Testing for Melanoma: Maximizing Personal Utility and Reach 1R01CA181241-01A1 $735,067 2014
Heckman, Carolyn J. Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr A Tailored Internet Intervention for Skin Cancer Risk Reduction in Young Adults 5R01CA154928-04 $451,473 2014
Hershman, Dawn Columbia University Health Sciences Using Swog-Medicare Database to Evaluate Long-Term Toxicities of Cancer Survivors 5R01CA166084-02 $314,819 2014
Hillhouse, Joel J East Tennessee State University An Appearance-Based Intervention to Reduce Teen Skin Cancer Risk 5R01CA134891-05 $501,986 2014
Hipp, James Aaron Washington University Emerging Technologies: Assessing Physical Activity with Webcams and Crowdsourcing 5R21CA186481-02 $165,300 2015
Hoelscher, Deanna Marie University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Lunch in the Bag: Packing More Fruit, Vegetables, Grain in Preschool Sack Lunches 5R01CA149643-04 $445,729 2013
Hovell, Melbourne F San Diego State University Clinician Promotion of Healthy Diet and Activity to Reduce Obesity Among Adolesce 5R01CA138192-06 $424,079 2014
Hu, Frank B Harvard School of Public Health Harvard Transdisciplinary Research in Energetics and Cancer Center 5U54CA155626-04 $1,898,221 2014
Irwin, Michael R University of California Los Angeles Sleep, Inflamation, and Depression Occurrence in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA160245-03 $751,507 2014
Jones, Lee W Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Aerobic Training During or After Adjuvant Therapy: a Randomized Trial 7R01CA164751-03 $547,430 2014
Jones, Lee W Duke University Randomized Trial of Optimal Type of Aerobic Training in Breast Cancer 5R01CA142566-05 $440,266 2014
Juon, Hee-Soon Thomas Jefferson University Lay Health Worker Model to Reduce Liver Cancer Disparities in Asian Americans 7R01CA163805-04 $440,081 2014
Kegler, Michelle C Emory University Brief Interventions to Create Smoke-Free Home Policies in Low-Income Househoulds 5U01CA154282-04 $1,245,328 2014
Kilpatrick, Marcus University of South Florida Affective Responses to High-Intensity Interval Training 5R03CA171806-02 $72,508 2014
Kunin-Batson, Alicia S Healthpartners Institute Healthy Kids After Cancer: a Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention 1R21CA182727-01A1 $232,332 2014
Kwan, Marilyn L Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Lifestyle and Molecular Factors of Bone Health in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA166701-03 $615,578 2014
Lee, I-Min Brigham and Women's Hospital Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Mortality in Women 5R01CA154647-04 $229,917 2014
Leischow, Scott J Mayo Clinic Arizona Networks Among Tribal Organizations for Clean Air Policiies (Nato Cap) 5U01CA154300-04 $1,105,612 2014