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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
Branch Health Behaviors Research Branch
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Adams, Marc A Arizona State University-Tempe Campus WALKIT: Neighborhood Walkability and Moderation of Adaptive Walking Interventions 1R01CA198915-01 $625,944 2015
Adams, Swann Arp University of South Carolina at Columbia A Geospatial Investigation of Breast Cancer Treatment 1R15CA179355-01A1 $425,800 2014
Andersen, Peter Alex San Diego State University Comprehensive Sun Protection in Recreation: an Advanced Go Sun Smart Program 5R01CA152411-05 $211,883 2015
Armstrong, Gregory St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Longitudinal Cardiotoxicity in Adult Survivors Childhood Cancer 5R01CA157838-04 $600,509 2015
Arredondo, Elva M San Diego State University Promoting Physical Activity in Churchgoing Latinas 5R01CA138894-06 $255,331 2015
Ayala, Guadalupe X San Diego State University El Valor DE Nuestra Salud (the Value of Our Health) 5R01CA140326-05 $530,001 2014
Bechara, Antoine University of Southern California Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Decisions and Impulse Control in Nutrition Behavior 5R01CA152062-05 $374,470 2015
Befort, Christie University of Kansas Medical Center Group Phone-Based Weight Control Among Rural Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA155014-05 $510,955 2015
Brown, Barbara Bess University of Utah Complete the Streets 3 Ways: Effects on Activity and Bmi 5R01CA157509-05 $535,771 2015
Bryan, Angela D University of Colorado (Pqa-5) DNA Methylation and Cancer Prevention: Duration and Intensity of Exercise 5R01CA179963-03 $525,787 2015
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Sun Safe Workplaces: Assessment of Benefits and Costs of a Policy Intervention 5R01CA187191-02 $689,190 2015
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Sun Safe Workplaces: a Campaign on Sun Protection Policies for Outdoor Workers 5R01CA134705-06 $294,215 2014
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Norms and Built Environment: Use of Shade in U.S. and Australian City Parks 5R01CA140367-05 $529,604 2014
Buman, Matthew P Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Stand and Move at Work: a Group-Randomized Trial 1R01CA198971-01 $639,042 2015
Chan, June Ml University of California, San Francisco Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Genomic Signatures of Prostate Cancer Prognosis 5R01CA181802-02 $640,862 2015
Chriqui, Jamie F University of Illinois at Chicago Impact of Zoning Code Reforms on the Built Environment and Physical Activity Beha 5R01CA158035-03 $427,489 2014
Cockburn, Myles G University of Southern California An Innovative, Curriculum-Based Integrated Sun Exposure Behavior Intervention for 5R01CA158407-04 $608,162 2015
Colabianchi, Natalie University of Michigan Improving Environmental Measures in Obesity Research Using Innovative Technology 1R21CA188481-01A1 $222,433 2015
Colabianchi, Natalie University of Michigan Impact of Public Housing Assistance on Modifiable Cancer Risk Factors in Adults 5R03CA184478-02 $77,563 2015
Colditz, Graham A. Washington University A Multilevel Approach to Energy Balance and Cancer Across the Lifecourse 5U54CA155496-05 $1,739,060 2015
Coups, Elliot J Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey An Internet-Based Behavioral Intervention for Individuals Diagnosed with Melanoma 5R01CA171666-02 $525,739 2015
Crane, Lori A University of Colorado Denver Risk Factors for Nevus Development in Children 5R01CA074592-13 $494,961 2014
De Araujo, Ivan E John B. Pierce Laboratory, Inc. (PQA3) the Gut-Brain Axis: a Novel Target for Treating Behavioral Alterations in 5R01CA180030-03 $661,353 2015
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Vegetable Garden Feasibility Trial to Promote Function in Older Cancer Survivors 5R21CA182508-02 Sample Grant Application $158,646 2015
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Exploring Effects of Weight Loss on Ductal Carcinoma in Situ 5R21CA178359-02 $191,835 2015