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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Ahles, Tim Alan Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Cognition in Older Breast Cancer Survivors: Treatment Exposure, Apoe, & Smoking 5R01CA172119-02 $678,683 2014
Arndt, Jamie University of Missouri-Columbia Impact of Mortality Concerns on Cancer Risk Behavior 5R01CA096581-10 $227,444 2013
Aspinwall, Lisa G University of Utah Impact of Melanoma Genetic Testing on Health Cognitions and Prevention Behaviors 5R01CA158322-04 $148,619 2014
Badr, Hoda J Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Improving Self-Management in Head and Neck Cancer 1R21CA178478-01A1 $221,198 2014
Ben-Eliyahu, Shamgar Tel Aviv University Stress Undermines Immune Stimulation: Mechanisms & Biological Significance 5R01CA172138-02 $193,928 2014
Berkman, Elliot Todd University of Oregon Reducing Craving for Cancer-Promoting Foods Via Cognitive Self-Regulation 1R21CA175241-01A1 $189,225 2014
Cao, Lei Ohio State University Identifying Brain Mediators Distinguishing Eustress and Distress Impact on Cancer 5R01CA163640-02 $227,248 2014
Cohen, Jules State University New York Stony Brook Neuroinflammation, Nmda Receptors and Cognitive Function in Chemobrain 1R21CA179425-01A1 $230,052 2014
Compas, Bruce E Vanderbilt University Neuroplasticity-Based Cognitive Remediation for Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors 5R21CA175840-02 $165,389 2015
Conzen, Suzanne Daniela University of Chicago Identifying Mechanisms Linking Stress Biology to Human Breast Cancer 5R01CA148814-04 $309,661 2014
Crary, Michael A University of Florida Swallow Function and Oral Morbidities in Rt Treated Head/Neck Cancer Survivors 5R21CA167554-02 $158,232 2014
Dohan, Daniel P. University of California, San Francisco Before Consent: Cancer Patients' Deliberations About Early Phase Clinical Trials 5R01CA152195-05 $431,819 2014
Dumenci, Levent Virginia Commonwealth University Development of an Instrument to Measure Health Literacy in Cancer Patients 5R01CA140151-04 $470,683 2013
Edwards, Karen L University of Washington Identification of Issues and Expectations of Subjects Participating in Genetic St 5R01CA149051-03 $360,003 2013
Falk, Emily University of Pennsylvania Pqa - 3: Neural Predictors of Receptivity to Health Communication and Behavior Ch 5R01CA180015-02 $531,713 2014
Fredrickson, Barbara Lee Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Promoting Cancer-Related Behavior Change Through Positive Emotions (PQ4) 5R01CA170128-03 $474,331 2014
Grodstein, Francine Brigham and Women's Hospital Systemic Cancer Treatment and Subsequent Cognitive Decline 5R03CA171817-02 $85,724 2014
Jimbo, Masahito University of Michigan Decision Aid to Technologically Enhance Shared Decision Making (DATES) 5R01CA152413-04 $600,958 2014
Kaiser, Karen Northwestern University at Chicago Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy: the Patient Decision-Making Process 1R21CA175950-01A1 $201,623 2014
Kesler, Shelli R Stanford University Prefrontal Cortex Abnormalities Associated with Breast Cancer Chemotherapy 5R01CA172145-03 $316,002 2014
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K Ohio State University Breast Cancer Survivors Cardiovascular Risks: Treatment and Behavioral Influences 1R01CA186720-01 $829,667 2014
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K Ohio State University Fatigue, Depression, and Inflammation in Cancer Survivors: a Prospective Study 5R01CA131029-06 $405,312 2013
Kinney, Anita Y University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr Bridging Geographic Barriers: Remote Cancer Genetics Counseling for Rural Women 7R01CA129142-06 $466,341 2013
Kroenke, Candyce H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Social Networks & Breast Cancer Prognosis in the Chinese and Us Evaluation Study 5R03CA171771-02 $71,472 2013
Krull, Kevin R St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Brain Integrity in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Treated with Thoracic Radiation 5R01CA174794-02 $688,198 2014
Landau, Mark J University of Kansas Lawrence Cognitive and Emotional Processes of Metaphoric Cancer Communications 1R01CA185378-01 $354,290 2014
Lee, Simon J. Craddock UT Southwestern Medical Center An Inter-Personal Framework for Lung Cancer Decision-Making in African Americans 5R03CA159706-02 $74,730 2013
Lerman, Caryn University of Pennsylvania Retraining Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Cancer Risk Behavior (PQ4) 5R01CA170297-03 $480,016 2014
Lim, Seung Lark University of Missouri Kansas City (PQA3) Neural Predictors of Self-Regulation of Smoking Urges at a Stressful Momen 1R21CA184834-01 $205,368 2014
Lipkus, Isaac M Duke University Effects of Message Framing and Risk Feedback on Crc Screening 1R21CA181256-01 $210,796 2014
Lutgendorf, Susan K University of Iowa Biobehavioral Influences and the Ovarian Tumor Microenvironment 5R01CA140933-05 $447,202 2013
Mandelblatt, Jeanne Georgetown University Older Breast Cancer Patients: Risk for Cognitive Decline 5R01CA129769-05 $499,722 2013
Mathews, Herbert L. Loyola University Chicago Immune Dysregulation By Psychosocial Distress 5R01CA134736-05 $511,120 2014
Nelson, Christian J Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Decision Making for Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer Patients and Spouses 5R21CA164807-02 $180,639 2013
Neumann, Carola Anke University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Identifying Underlying Mechanisms of Intracellular Changes in Response to Caregiv 5R03CA168400-02 $71,793 2013
Pereira, Deidre B University of Florida Cognitive Behavioral Effects on Sleep, Pain, and Cytokines in Gynecologic Cancer 5R01CA138808-05 $256,662 2013
Phipps, Sean St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Trauma and Growth in Pediatric Cancer 5R01CA136782-03 $338,142 2012
Pietromonaco, Paula R University of Massachusetts Amherst Biopsychosocial Factors in Depression and Marriage: Implications for Cancer 5R01CA133908-05 $387,662 2012
Radecki Breitkopf, Carmen Mayo Clinic Rochester Trial Participation Decision Making in Ovarian Cancer Patients and Their Families 5R03CA175462-02 $79,500 2015
Redd, William H Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Treating Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment Through Systematic Light Exposure 1R21CA178307-01A1 $193,657 2014
Rees, Judith R Dartmouth College Participant Beliefs and Bias in a Randomized Controlled Trial 5R03CA178272-02 $78,570 2014
Ridner, Sheila H Vanderbilt University Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Yoga in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors 5R21CA173202-02 $197,473 2014
Saigal, Christopher University of California Los Angeles Conjoint Analysis: Overcoming Obstacles to Routine Formal Preference Assessment I 5R01CA134997-05 $291,365 2013
Sayette, Michael Andrew University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh An Olfactory Method for Controlling Cigarette Craving 1R01CA184779-01 $301,587 2014
Sloan, Erica Kate University of California Los Angeles Adrenergic Regulation of Tumor Inflammation and Metastatic Dissemination 5R01CA160890-03 $309,964 2014
Sood, Anil K University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Ovarian Cancer: Mechanisms of Neuroendocrine Regulation 2R01CA109298-10 $384,255 2014
Stanton, Annette L University of California Los Angeles Emotion Regulation and Depression in Breast Cancer Survivorship 5R01CA133081-05 $550,878 2014
Sterba, Katherine Regan Medical University of South Carolina A Surviorship Planning Tool for Head and Neck Cancer Patients and Caregivers 5R21CA173271-02 $157,704 2014
Tercyak, Kenneth Georgetown University Adolescents' Long-Term Adaptation to Familial Cancer Risks 5R01CA137625-05 $546,162 2014
Tiro, Jasmin Anita UT Southwestern Medical Center Developing a Self-Persuasion Intervention Promoting Adolescent HPV Vaccination 5R01CA178414-02 $405,638 2014