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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year
Abraham, Jean M University of Minnesota Initiation and Maintenance of Regular Exercise in an Employer Wellness Program 5R03CA173558-02 $73,720 2014
Adams, Kenneth F. Minnesota State Dept of Health Improving Risk Stratification for Colonoscopy Screening 7R03CA171836-02 $73,761 2014
Adams, Swann Arp University of South Carolina at Columbia A Geospatial Investigation of Breast Cancer Treatment 1R15CA179355-01A1 $425,800 2014
Ammerman, Alice S. Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Impact of a Public-Private Mobile Market to Improve Fruit & Vegetable Access 5R21CA173042-02 $152,190 2013
Ayanian, John Z. University of Michigan Linking State Registry and All Payer Claims Data to Study Cancer Care 5R21CA172892-02 $61,944 2014
Badr, Hoda J Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai A Psychosocial Intervention for the Caregivers of Advanced Lung Cancer Patients 1R01CA187143-01 $522,597 2014
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Minimizing Memory Errors in Child Diet Assessment 5R21CA172864-02 $142,488 2014
Barlow, William E Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Prospr Statistical Coordinating Center (PSCC) 5U01CA163304-04 $1,261,143 2014
Bian, Qiqiang University of South Carolina at Columbia Southern Oncology Network on Adverse Reactions (SONAR) - Focus on Tyrosine Kinase 5R01CA165609-03 $426,959 2014
Bickell, Nina A Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Racial Disparities, Survival & Secondary Debulking for Ovarian Cancer 5R01CA157176-03 $323,764 2013
Bickell, Nina A Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Implementing a Tracking & Feedback Registry to Allay Cancer Therapy Disparities 5R01CA149025-05 $584,428 2014
Boehmer, Ulrike Boston University Medical Campus Variations in Needs After Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis 1R01CA181392-01A1 $309,536 2014
Brown, Barbara Bess University of Utah Complete the Streets 3 Ways: Effects on Activity and Bmi 5R01CA157509-04 $522,704 2014
Brownson, Ross C Washington University A Cross-Country Comparison of Evidence-Based Prevention of Cancer 1R21CA179932-01A1 $199,385 2014
Butt, Zeeshan Ahmad Northwestern University at Chicago Improving Longitudinal Quality of Life Assessment in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 5R03CA173025-02 $74,932 2014
Cella, David Northwestern University at Chicago The National Person-Centered Assessment Resource (PCAR) 1U2CCA186878-01 $3,199,780 2014
Chriqui, Jamie F University of Illinois at Chicago Impact of Zoning Code Reforms on the Built Environment and Physical Activity Beha 5R01CA158035-03 $427,489 2014
Chubak, Jessica Group Health Cooperative Studying Colorectal Cancer Effectiveness of Screening Strategies (SUCCESS) 3U54CA163261-04S1 $649,872 2014
Chubak, Jessica Group Health Cooperative Studying Colorectal Cancer Effectiveness of Screening Strategies (SUCCESS) 5U54CA163261-04 $1,078,364 2014
Colabianchi, Natalie University of Michigan Impact of Public Housing Assistance on Modifiable Cancer Risk Factors in Adults 1R03CA184478-01 $77,750 2014
Corley, Douglas A Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Kaiser Permanente Prospr Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening (CCAPS) Center 3U54CA163262-04S1 $649,992 2014
Corley, Douglas Allen Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Optimizing Colonoscopy & Fecal Immunochemical Tests for Community-Based Screening 5U54CA163262-04 $1,659,426 2014
Craig, Benjamin M H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Hrqol Values for Cancer Survivors: Enhancing Promis Measures for Cer 5R01CA160104-04 $638,811 2014
Danforth, Kim N Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Trends and Disparities in Bladder Cancer Treatment 1R21CA185931-01 $184,295 2014
Davis, Rachel Ellen University of South Carolina at Columbia Addressing Acquiescence: Reducing Survey Error to Promote Latino Health 5R01CA172283-02 $445,216 2014
Delnevo, Cristine D Rbhs-School of Public Health Cell Phone Rdd Sampling to Reach Young Adults for Tobacco Control Surveillance 6R01CA149705-05 $449,370 2013
Deshpande, Anjali D Washington University Examining Comorbidity Burden and Patient-Reported Outcomes of Crc Survivors 5R21CA169876-02 $192,409 2014
Devoe, Jennifer E Oregon Health & Science University Community-Based Hit Tools for Cancer Screening and Health Insurance Promotion 1R01CA181452-01 $638,489 2014
Doubeni, Chyke Abadama University of Pennsylvania Effectiveness of Screening Colonoscopy in Reducing Deaths From Colorectal Cancer 5U01CA151736-05 $522,869 2014
Dubowitz, Tamara Rand Corporation Impact of Greenspace Improvement on Physical Activity in a Low Income Community 5R01CA164137-03 $559,895 2014
Dubowitz, Tamara Rand Corporation Does a New Supermarket Improve Dietary Behaviors of Low-Income African Americans? 5R01CA149105-05 $370,070 2014
Elmore, Joann G University of Washington Accuracy in the Diagnosis of Melanoma & the Impact of Double Reading 5R01CA151306-04 $834,926 2014
Elmore, Joann G University of Washington Digital Pathology_accuracy Viewing Behavior and Image Characterization 5R01CA172343-03 $575,526 2015
Elmore, Joann G University of Washington Accuracy of Breast Pathology and the Impact of Double Reading 5R01CA140560-05 $685,044 2013
Ferrante, Jeanne M Rbhs-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Reducing Health Disparities By Decreasing Weight Bias in Community Healthcare Set 5R21CA165939-03 $167,726 2014
Green, Beverly Beth Group Health Cooperative Systems of Support (SOS) to Increase Colon Cancer Screening and Follow-Up 5R01CA121125-07 $644,734 2014
Griggs, Jennifer J University of Michigan Racial/Ethnic and Ses Disparities in Quality of Breast Cancer Systemic Therapy 5R01CA139014-04 $554,443 2013
Gross, Cary P Yale University Impact of Social Contagion on Physician Use of Unproven Cancer Interventions 1R01CA190017-01 $501,190 2014
Hammond, David University of Waterloo Evaluating the Impact of Mandatory Nutrition Information on Menus. 5R01CA169045-02 $180,257 2014
Hassett, Michael James Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Cancer Recurrence: Detection in Administrative Data, Incidence, and Costs 5R01CA172143-02 $401,718 2014
Hollen, Patricia Jean University of Virginia A Decision Aid with HRQL Assessment to Reduce Costs in the Treatment of NSCLC 5R01CA157409-03 $607,647 2014
Hollenbeck, Brent K University of Michigan Impact of Urologist Practice Structure on Prostate Cancer Care 5R01CA168691-02 $422,156 2014
Hsu, John Massachusetts General Hospital Screening for Free: a Value-Based Insurance Design Natural Experiment 5R01CA164023-03 $556,577 2014
Hwang, Jessica Park University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Widespread Vs Selective Screening for Hepatitis B Infection Prior to Chemotherapy 5R21CA167202-02 $200,004 2014
Jacobson, Mireille Rand Corporation The Welfare Consequences of Oncology Drug Shortages 5R21CA173047-02 $206,077 2014
Jensen, Roxanne Georgetown University Evaluating Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome Assessment Methods in Cancer Care 5R03CA164531-02 $72,850 2013
Katz, Steven J. University of Michigan The Challenge of Individualizing Treatments for Patients with Breast Cancer 5P01CA163233-03 $2,914,665 2014
Keating, Nancy L Harvard Medical School Explaining Variations in End-of-Life Care Intensity 5R01CA164021-03 $522,276 2014
Kerr, Jacqueline University of California San Diego Development and Validation of Novel Prospective Gps/Gis Based Exposure Measures 5R21CA169535-02 $91,274 2013
Kerr, Jacqueline University of California San Diego (PQA4) Gps Exposure to Environments & Relations with Biomarkers of Cancer Risk 5R01CA179977-02 $715,557 2014