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National Institutes of Health: National Cancer Institute: Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Grant Details

Grant Number: 7R01CA072022-05 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Paskett, Electra
Organization: Ohio State University
Project Title: Breast Cancer Screening in a Tri-Racial Rural Population
Fiscal Year: 2000
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Cervical Cancer Risk As A Predictor Of Pap Smear Use In Rural North Carolina
Authors: Cyrus-David M.S. , Michielutte R. , Paskett E.D. , D'Agostino R. , Goff D. .
Source: The Journal Of Rural Health : Official Journal Of The American Rural Health Association And The National Rural Health Care Association, 2002 Winter; 18(1), p. 67-76.
PMID: 12043757
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Racial Differences In Knowledge, Attitudes, And Cancer Screening Practices Among A Triracial Rural Population
Authors: Paskett E.D. , Tatum C. , Rushing J. , Michielutte R. , Bell R. , Foley K.L. , Bittoni M. , Dickinson S. .
Source: Cancer, 2004-12-01 00:00:00.0; 101(11), p. 2650-9.
PMID: 15505784
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Perceptions Of Insurance Coverage For Screening Mammography Among Women In Need Of Screening
Authors: McAlearney A.S. , Reeves K.W. , Tatum C. , Paskett E.D. .
Source: Cancer, 2005-06-15 00:00:00.0; 103(12), p. 2473-80.
PMID: 15884097
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Randomized Trial Of An Intervention To Improve Mammography Utilization Among A Triracial Rural Population Of Women
Authors: Paskett E. , Tatum C. , Rushing J. , Michielutte R. , Bell R. , Long Foley K. , Bittoni M. , Dickinson S.L. , McAlearney A.S. , Reeves K. .
Source: Journal Of The National Cancer Institute, 2006-09-06 00:00:00.0; 98(17), p. 1226-37.
PMID: 16954475
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Do Cervical Cancer Screening Rates Increase In Association With An Intervention Designed To Increase Mammography Usage?
Authors: Katz M.L. , Tatum C.M. , Degraffinreid C.R. , Dickinson S. , Paskett E.D. .
Source: Journal Of Women's Health (2002), 2007 Jan-Feb; 16(1), p. 24-35.
PMID: 17324094
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Cost As A Barrier To Screening Mammography Among Underserved Women
Authors: McAlearney A.S. , Reeves K.W. , Tatum C. , Paskett E.D. .
Source: Ethnicity & Health, 2007 Apr; 12(2), p. 189-203.
PMID: 17364901
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Colorectal Cancer Screening In 3 Racial Groups
Authors: Kelly K.M. , Dickinson S.L. , Degraffinreid C.R. , Tatum C.M. , Paskett E.D. .
Source: American Journal Of Health Behavior, 2007 Sep-Oct; 31(5), p. 502-13.
PMID: 17555381
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Influence Of Church Attendance And Spirituality In A Randomized Controlled Trial To Increase Mammography Use Among A Low-income, Tri-racial, Rural Community
Authors: Katz M.L. , Kauffman R.M. , Tatum C.M. , Paskett E.D. .
Source: Journal Of Religion And Health, 2008 Jun; 47(2), p. 227-36.
PMID: 19105013
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