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Grant Details

Grant Number: 5U01CA072035-05 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Lampe, Johanna
Organization: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Project Title: Phytoestrogens and Colon Epithelium-a Randomized Trial
Fiscal Year: 2001
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An abstract does not currently exist for this grant

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Soy protein and bone mineral density in older men and women: a randomized trial.
Authors: Newton K.M. , LaCroix A.Z. , Levy L. , Li S.S. , Qu P. , Potter J.D. , Lampe J.W. .
Source: Maturitas, 2006-10-20; 55(3), p. 270-7.
EPub date: 2006-05-26.
PMID: 16730418
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Soy protein containing isoflavones does not decrease colorectal epithelial cell proliferation in a randomized controlled trial.
Authors: Adams K.F. , Lampe P.D. , Newton K.M. , Ylvisaker J.T. , Feld A. , Myerson D. , Emerson S.S. , White E. , Potter J.D. , Lampe J.W. .
Source: The American journal of clinical nutrition, 2005 Sep; 82(3), p. 620-6.
PMID: 16155276
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FDR-controlling testing procedures and sample size determination for microarrays.
Authors: Li S.S. , Bigler J. , Lampe J.W. , Potter J.D. , Feng Z. .
Source: Statistics in medicine, 2005-08-15; 24(15), p. 2267-80.
PMID: 15977294
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Soy isoflavones do not modulate circulating insulin-like growth factor concentrations in an older population in an intervention trial.
Authors: Adams K.F. , Newton K.M. , Chen C. , Emerson S.S. , Potter J.D. , White E. , Lampe J.W. .
Source: The Journal of nutrition, 2003 May; 133(5), p. 1316-9.
PMID: 12730416
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