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Grant Number: 5R01CA078052-02 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Ubel, Peter
Organization: University Of Pennsylvania
Project Title: Trade-Offs in Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
Fiscal Year: 1999
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Are Preferences For Equity Over Efficiency In Health Care Allocation "all Or Nothing"?
Authors: Ubel P.A. , Baron J. , Nash B. , Asch D.A. .
Source: Medical Care, 2000 Apr; 38(4), p. 366-73.
PMID: 10752968
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Incremental And Average Cost-effectiveness Ratios: Will Physicians Make A Distinction?
Authors: Hershey J.C. , Asch D.A. , Jepson C. , Baron J. , Ubel P.A. .
Source: Risk Analysis : An Official Publication Of The Society For Risk Analysis, 2003 Feb; 23(1), p. 81-9.
PMID: 12635724
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The Influence Of Cost-effectiveness Information On Physicians' Cancer Screening Recommendations
Authors: Ubel P.A. , Jepson C. , Baron J. , Hershey J.C. , Asch D.A. .
Source: Social Science & Medicine (1982), 2003 Apr; 56(8), p. 1727-36.
PMID: 12639589
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When Money Is Saved By Reducing Healthcare Costs, Where Do Us Primary Care Physicians Think The Money Goes?
Authors: Asch D.A. , Jepson C. , Hershey J.C. , Baron J. , Ubel P.A. .
Source: The American Journal Of Managed Care, 2003 Jun; 9(6), p. 438-42.
PMID: 12816173
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Public Response To Cost-quality Tradeoffs In Clinical Decisions
Authors: Beach M.C. , Asch D.A. , Jepson C. , Hershey J.C. , Mohr T. , McMorrow S. , Ubel P.A. .
Source: Medical Decision Making : An International Journal Of The Society For Medical Decision Making, 2003 Sep-Oct; 23(5), p. 369-78.
PMID: 14570295
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Misperceptions About Beta-blockers And Diuretics: A National Survey Of Primary Care Physicians
Authors: Ubel P.A. , Jepson C. , Asch D.A. .
Source: Journal Of General Internal Medicine, 2003 Dec; 18(12), p. 977-83.
PMID: 14687255
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In A Mailed Physician Survey, Questionnaire Length Had A Threshold Effect On Response Rate
Authors: Jepson C. , Asch D.A. , Hershey J.C. , Ubel P.A. .
Source: Journal Of Clinical Epidemiology, 2005 Jan; 58(1), p. 103-5.
PMID: 15649678
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